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"The Four Percent FREEDOM Plan"

A little context.

Four Percent Group like most companies has a FREE Affiliate program. But Four Percent also has an upgraded affiliate program known as the "Four Percent Promotional Partners" program.

This requires people to be paid up members and at least up to session 3 of the Four Percent Groups main training product the Four Percent Success Challenge For Affiliate Marketers.

The thinking behind this is that Four Percent Promotional Partners will set a standard in the industry for promoting affiliate offers the 'right' way. 

This is because they have gone through Challenge training which requires them to prove they have implemented and earned over $10,000 through selling other people's products as an affiliate. They don't have to promote Four Percent Group products.

To ensure this outcome Vick has put in place a few unique additions to the training. The idea being that the ONLY way people can fail is by quitting!

The first addition is The Private Offers Marketplace which will be a selection of vetted proven products and services people can chose to promote if they don't know what to promote as an affiliate.

Implementation Mastermind is like a safety net for students that complete the challenge but can't prove they've earned the $10,000 target. This will be in the form of weekly live webinars where Vick in person works with students to correct any issues they may be having.

Third we have Automatic Selling Machines. These are done for you 'funnels' built by Vick that students can edit and personalise to make them unique them.

In short the Automated Selling Machines will preframe the offers from the private offers marketplace in the way Vick trains through the challenge... Like training wheels on a bike this is to help students EARN before they have mastered the skills they're learning...

Interesting right?

Watch the webinar below, and I promise you won't be dissapointed #life changing #what you've been looking for #freedom baby...



Ever seen a better EARN as you learn opportunity?

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