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Where to start answering this question?

My answer is based on my experience selling information products as an affiliate...

My goal as an affiliate is to


knowingly click my affiliate links.

No tricks!

I want people to click my affiliate links EXCITED to see the PRODUCT that sits behind MY CONTENT.

I'm not saying I've mastered this skill, but the closer I get the higher and faster my affiliate commissions grow...

This isn't about getting the most clicks to your offers!

You actually want to filter people out!

You ONLY want people who will BENEFIT from the product or service you promote.

So how long does it take to learn and do it?

Blueprints That Have Enabled Me To
Earn & Learn

The first model I learned from Wealthy Affiliates 'Affiliate Bootcamp' Training.

Wealthy Affiliate provides two directions for people interested in learning Affiliate Marketing the Affiliate Bootcamp is for those that want a business in the 'Make Money Online' Niche. The 'Online Entrepreneur Certification' training is for all other niches.

In a nutshell the WA Affiliate Bootcamp training taught me how to:-

1. Use the free WA keyword tool to find keyword search phrases that people regularly search for that present an 'opportunity' for me to create and publish better content that earns high search engine ranking. This in turn bringing visitors to my content at no cost to me.

2. Create this keyword focused content so that it both ranks highly in search engines and helps people by giving them what they're searching for.

3. Include my Affiliate links so I can earn money.

This business model was never sold as fast. WA has been training people for over 13 years so there is a lot of feedback and Wealthy Affiliate success stories to research.

Therefore I feel very confident in telling you that this model works, but you should expect to consistently publish unique 500+ word content to a minimum of one article per week for between 9 - 18 months before you are likely to reach the tipping point...

Where you 'see' that earning job replacing income is INEVITABLE.

It's not get rich quick.

I set off on this path creating content for about 10 weeks and Learned that I don't like creating keyword focused content!

So I looked within the WA Training for a different way...

A way where I could write what I wanted...

A way that wasn't reliant on free search engine visitors...

A way I could see results faster.

Long story short. The WA Pay Per Click training showed me that way.

I could find the keyword searches that offered the most likely source of affiliate commissions, create content around them and pay to have search engines bring me visitors...

Basically people searching for PRODUCT related information like reviews, pricing, case studies, etc.

So I followed the training and published very specific product related content, reviews, case studies, and success posts that all had my affiliate links in them.

I would then create product keyword targeted adverts that would link to the identical product targeted content on my site, and paid for these visitors.

It looks like...

And this worked!

I started making steady affiliate commissions.

Not every product related keyword would be profitable. If the product was popular with many affiliates competing the adverting costs would outweigh the commissions earned... a fast way to go broke.

But many were profitable. 

So when you cut the losers and keep the winners you start making steady, predictable profit πŸ™‚

The Cons of this model are:-

1. The search volume is usually very low as the keywords are very specific, meaning even if profitable you don't get many sales.

2. You'll have to manage a lot of small product specific ad campaigns.

3. You'll have to research and create content for a lot of products to marry up with the product specific ad campaigns.

4. It's hard to find in demand quality products that don't already have an army of affiliates promoting them.

The Pros of this model are:-

1. You can get lucky and find keyword phrases that other affiliates have missed that run profitable for years!

2. It's very simple and very fast.

How fast could you earn money from this model?

Once you have a website set up to host your content, the whole process from product research to turning on your adverts can easily be done in half a day... to the point where you can see sales later that same day!

It's fast.

I would ONLY use this model today to quickly TEST keyword search volumes and content 'ideas' before spending time building out a full campaign that you'll see below.

Blueprint 2 Amplify With Email


Similar to the 'basic' version at the top, but this time adding Email List building into the process, because it improves my conversion percentages by allowing me to capture email addresses of people interested in the product, and provide them additional helpful content through an automated sequence of emails.

The cons of this model:-

1. More work. Have to create something to offer people as an incentive.

2. Have to learn a new technology for email marketing.

3. Have to learn how to build and manage a list profitably - Email Marketing. 

The Pros of this model:-

1. Turns loss making keywords into profitable ones πŸ™‚

2. Enables you to tackle competitive keywords with more confidence

​​​3. Forces you to be a more strategic thinker

4. Enables you to monetize your list at no extra cost

I've completely replaced this model now with what I've learned through the Four Percent Success Challenge because it's much more efficient...

The Earn As You Learn Model
I Would Recommend

You've seen this before...

The affiliate marketing blueprint that's changing the game for me

Though it looks similar to what's above it's actually very different.

Up until now my marketing had only targeted people that were searching for information about specific products or solutions to problems.

I couldn't market to broader audiences profitably at my skill level.

What I had before were multiple product centric campaigns that only promote ONE product at a time.

Now I'm testing campaigns that promoting ONE IDEA or angle that have multiple products automatically built into the process...

These multiple streams of income are the game changer, because I now have the potential to target other traffic sources because my average earning per customer I refer as an affiliate is at least 3X what it was before. 

So how long do I think it'll take a beginner to EARN following the Four Percent Success Challenge?

​The target the training gives people is to earn $10,000 in sales of whichever products they choose to promote following the system.

There are 30 sessions in the training and you could launch your first campaign at session 10. Day 10 if you're really speeding through the training.

So it is possible to start earning after 10 days. 

I created a quick case study post on the first time I did this which you can read here.

I would caution against rushing. This is about creating a robust business foundation, that will change your life forever.

The training will push you to set specific goals and targets...

I think setting yourself a 3 month window to building a profitable foundation would be more realistic.


It's certainly possible to set up quick profitable Pay Per Click enabled affiliate campaigns as shared in the first method.

And though I still use this approach for quickly testing ideas, I would recommend the more strategic long-play method I'm learning now.

Yes, it takes a lot more upfront effort, but you end up with an asset that earns you money from multiple sources from one piece of work.

It also doesn't rely on any one of them, if a better option appears I can easily add it into the system.

So my advice would be to take your time and build something worthwhile...

If you have any questions please ask away in the comments below πŸ™‚



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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