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Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories
Real People

There are many and varied paths to success.

This is evident when you take a look at success stories from the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

This page is going to showcase some of these.

I hope they both inspire, and illustrate, how with a little personal dedication and the right advice anyone can change their life.

Disclaimer: All these people have worked hard, faced adversity and some even thought of quitting!...


As we look at each, we’ll look at their approach and how they chose to monetize their site(s).

We’ll use Wikipedia for some of the definitions…

Google Adsense “ is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis”. Read more… 

Many WA members earn money from letting Google find paying advertisers for their websites. Google Adsense is probably the easiest way of site monetization.

"Affiliate Marketing" is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”. Read more…

Affiliate Marketing is probably the most popular method for earning from your WA website as the risk is low and the rewards can be life-changing.

Cost Per Action or CPA “sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA; also Cost Per Conversion is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action – for example, an impression, click, form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.), double opt-in or sale”. Read more…

In no particular order…

Dylan Spills The Beans...

Dylan shares some awesome tips through his Wealthy Affiliate posting.

From a success perspective Dylan mostly earns through Amazon.

To the extent he recently sold one of his sites for $40,000!

Would you like to do this?

Be interested in understnding how Dylan did this?

Dylans WA Profile image

You can Dylan shares how he's tweaked the WA training to suit his style...

Want to see it?

Click For Dylans Website Secrets...

Dylan's paid his dues...

I've struggled online and know how frustrating it is to work your butt off and not see results (My first year I didn't make a dime). I also know what it's like to build a successful niche website and see it disappear overnight because of a change in Google.

I know what it's like to get back up after something like that to make an even more successful website in a short period of time that's Google penalty proof.

My two and half years in internet marketing has seen some ups and downs but I'm finally completely confident in my abilities and have a very good idea of how to be a success online

...It took a lot of experimenting, reading and failure to reach this point. The only advice I can give you is this:

1) Don't give up

2) You have to try and write a few hours a day. We're in the content business and you'll need a good amount of content to make this work.

3) Focus on making money.

Don't just write "how to" articles that have no shot at making you money.

Write plenty of reviews and lengthy best of posts - those two kinds of posts are actually easier to rank than "how to's".

I personally would go 60% to 70% money posts and 30% to 40% how to's

CLICK HERE for Dylans success secrets

Dylans WA Profile image

For a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate click here...

Actionable WA case studies here...

Get started with WA for free here...

VitaliyG Success Story...

Vitaliys been a WA member since September 2007 (something must be working?).

A great member Vitaliy shares a ton of actionable advice...

Personally Vitaliy has helped me probably more than any other WA member which is saying a lot!

Over to Vitaliy...

Vitaliy's WA success story and video proof

Click For More From Vitaly...

Vitaliy uses the system for content creation across a number of niche interests. This video uses his WA promotion site for example purposes.

Vitaliy highlights 2 reasons why most people fail online

  • Get rich quick mindset 
  • Misinformation

To succeed online with any system takes hard work over the long-term. 

The easy, fast message, spread by many sets unrealistic expectations.

The problem is the people selling these systems are really good at it so be prepared.

(Update 2018 WA premium monthly is now $49 per month)

Vitaliy on success...

"If I write a 100 articles on my site for 1 year, they don't just disappear, they rank on Google, gather traffic, bring in referrals.

Then the next year, if I write a 100 more articles, that will add to my original 100 base, making a total of 200 articles, thus my business has grown twice and gathers more traffic.

With the more work I put in, the more it adds to the past work I've done and that makes the business and profits grow year after year.

That is exactly the advice I want to pass off to you.

Work, know that your work is not vanishing into the ether, it is on your site, it IS being recognized by Google and it IS acting as a stepping stone to grow your business, success and financial future."

CLICK HERE for more insight from Vitaliy

Vitaliy's WA success story and video proof

For a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate click here...

Actionable WA case studies here...

Get started with WA for free here...

Suzette Is Making It Happen

Suzette Wealthy Affiliate success  testimonial

One of the hardest parts about creating website content is you've no idea when and if it will ever pay...

This aspect of online marketing is what stops most people from breaking through.

This post from Suzette brings it all into perspective...

"Now $51.00 doesn't sound like a lot but It is, and I am going to tell you why.
This commission came from a pet product company that I promote on my cat website.
What makes this so cool is that I have actually put that website on the back burner for about 2 or 3 months!

It just takes time for Google and the gang (other search engines) to trust websites, before they start sending you visitors...

For those of you who have doubts.
For those of you who are waiting, for what seems like eternity, to receive a commission, IT CAN HAPPEN, IT WILL HAPPEN, just don't do what I did and put your passion, your dream on the back burner!"

Eddy Salomon

First off we have Eddy Salomon who is a longtime member of WA and who demonstrates four ways of earning money from his Wealthy Affiliate training.

  1. http://www.workathomenoscams.com/
  2. http://www.internetmarketingsmarts.com/

Eddy’s first site helps and advises people about making money online.

He helps folks avoid the scams and promotes products and services that he feels provide value. The site is monetised through Google Adsense, CPA lead generation, and Affiliate Marketing promoting WA amongst others.

Sussess Stories Eddy Salomon with Wealthy Affiliate Founders Kyle and Carson

Eddy (center) pictured with WA co-founders Kyle & Carson
Las Vegas 2013

The second site promotes the business Eddy set up after learning WA’s approach to website building and site promotion. A full service marketing agency providing marketing advice and search engine optimization services to local business’s in New York.

Extracts from Eddy’s story…

"Well what can I say?
I’m very blessed in that I’m one of the few people that is job free by choice. lol
I’ve been in the make money industry since the early 90s.
But was never able to make a full time living with it until about 2008…
Furthermore I’ve taken the SEO and WordPress website creation skills you’ll learn here on WA to start my own offline digital marketing agency: www.InternetMarketingSmarts.com I’ve literally earned thousands of dollars to design websites for small businesses and promote them.
So you can even use what you learn here at WA for businesses outside of affiliate marketing".

No get rich BS here. Rather hard work and the right advice… Read more about Eddy here…

Wendy Jane’s Success Story

Wendy Janes Online Business Story

Wendy Jane (right in the picture) joined WA after graduating college and finding that the doors to secure employment didn’t just open (tough times for grads currently).

So a little research later and a few false starts Wendy found WA…

Now no looking back for Wendy.

However Wendy has only been doing this since Jan 2013 and achieved 1600% growth in profits her first year.

This doesn’t completely do Wendy’s achievement justice as health problems slowed her down significantly.

Wendy has two main websites…

  1. A ‘Tall Girls Fashion Blog’ (Her first WA website build)
  2. http://survivingaftercollege.com/

Wendy’s tall girl fashion blog helps tall girls find the best clothes for their body type, and is monetised using Google Adsense and Affiliate links to niche retail outlets, though I didn’t see any the Amazon Associate Affiliate program could also work well with this site idea. Great Information and a natural helpful style.

Site 2 is Wendy’s story of turning the post college blues into success. This site promotes Wealthy Affiliate free membership.

From Wendy’s story…

"I joined WA in late January, stepped outside my comfort zone and started my own online business. 
I have learned SO much (and of course still continue to learn each and every day!) from the training and community here. 
I cannot thank everyone enough, including Kyle and Carson. They must be superhero geniuses.
From the moment I made my first sale, I knew this was serious business and I never gave up. 
I may have taken the occasional hiatus, but the part that matters is I always came back to my business.
I did not give up...
Wendy Janes Online Business Story

Wendy's Quarterly Growth Graph 2013

What a fantastic achievement…

Looking for forward to 2014’s results! Read Wendy’s full story here…


Wendy's only gone and done it...

Qualified for the WA Las Vegas convention as one of the most successful promoters of Wealthy Affiliate...

Probably because sets us all such a great example!

Wendyjane qualifies for Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas 2016

James Story

Another Wealthy Affiliate success

I like James story because it illustrates that for many people it’s not all about the money.

Yes, James is making money and growing his income but by his own admission he’s put more time into helping others than himself.

Time that could be spent building his business.

  1. http://familygamenightideas.com
  2. http://iswealthyaffiliateascam.com
James WA Site Focused On Game Night Ideas

Site 1 is a really attractive family games review site which is monetized through Google Adsense, and Game retail affiliate links (including Amazon affiliate links).

Site 2 is not dissimilar to this site, as James blogs about his journey through the land of online entrepreneurship.

This site is also monetised with WA membership program, other services that James uses (email auto-responder service), and also Google Adsense.

Extracts from James story…

"When I found WA I had that immediate gut feeling that I had found what I was looking for. 

I was bouncing off the walls with excitement as I spent my first week going through the training on the free trial.

By day 6 I was even more excited and knew in my heart that it was the right place for me, so I popped for the premium membership…

As I progressed through the training and engaged myself in the community, I found that I was building on my beliefs of being positive…

My focus on the money side became less and less. 

I put all of my efforts towards building solid foundations that I would be able to monetize more at a later point…

Also, the more that I learn here the more brighter my future becomes.

Soon I will be officially starting my Web Design services for local businesses in my area.

I have already been in talks with a few prospective clients"


James has taken a year out setting up his brand new physical board game company...

So what's happened to his online business?

Over to James...

"I joined Wealthy Affiliate just over 2 years ago and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
My journey here has taught me a tremendous amount of things that have helped me in many different aspects of my life.
First, it has given me the opportunity to have a better financial future.
Even with taking a year off to work on developing a board game company, my sites were still chugging along.
Now that I am back and putting time into them again I am seeing great benefits"!

Ryan McCraken

Ryan McCraken Wealthy Affiliate profile image

Ryan is a fantastic example of somebody who’s simply done the training (twice as he explains later!), and then taken massive action.

An ordinary guy who started his first Wealthy Affiliate website part-time.

He went through doubts, and concerns in the first months, and asked Kyle…

Kyle told him he was doing everything right just to continue producing content, content, content.

I’ll uncover how Ryan’s doing further down.

But for now let’s look at Ryan's main website and monitization strategies.

  1. Niche tablet review site (In fairness to Ryan I’m not showing the url as people have been simply copying it exactly

Ryans site focuses on a specific section of the Tablet PC market.

A real niche within a niche (THIS IS THE SECRET!)

Within the site Ryan reviews products and helps visitors by answering their questions.

The site is monetized through Amazon Associate links.

Is this not an inspiring and simple idea that you could copy (the idea not Ryan’s site)?

Let’s hear from Ryan…

"I had zero knowledge of the internet when I started at WA. I didn’t know what a search engine, serp, keyword,SEO, SMO, or any other term associated with IM meant.

These tutorials inside WA will give you all the knowledge you need to start a career online.

When I started I had a lot of doubts and after month one, two, and three I had barely made a few cents and a lot of friends thought I was wasting my time and living in a dream world…

At the end of October I really thought there was no way I could quadruple the traffic growth 5 months in a row but guess what I was wrong"...

Ryan McCraken Wealthy Affiliate profile image

Ryan's November Google Analytics Stats

This represents the traffic growth from Month 4 to Month 5!

and leads too...

Web success has enabled Ryan to buy his dream car

Click the link below to read about Ryan’s 10 steps to financial independence…

Find Out How Ryan Did This…

Wealthy Affiliate Challenge 2014 free membership sign up


Wealthy Affiliate success stories Nathaneill

A member for just over 4 years Nathaniell is another inspiring story.

Like most of us Nate came to WA looking for honest advice that would set him on the right path to success.

He found it and could give up his job after just two years.

Nathaniell says it better though…

"The most interesting bit of information that you should get from this post today is that both The Online Entrepreneur Certification and Bootcamp are equally good.

From 2010 to 2013 I did the regular courses at WA and was not an affiliate of WA. I was able to build a full time income from this course alone.

In 2013 I joined Bootcamp and started promoting WA to the great folks out there looking for a legitimate way to earn income online.

The earning potential of being a WA affiliate was equally good, so choose the course that fits you best, because you can succeed with either one.

Wealthy Affiliate success stories Nathaneill

I think because so many of the successful WA members promote WA as affiliates (why wouldn’t they?) sometimes the rest of us think that’s the best way to make money.

It’s encouraging to see that Nate made his job quitting money through simply following the Online Entrepreneur training and building niche affiliate sites.

It’s also motivating to see how fast Nate has built his WA promoting site www.OneMoreCupof-Coffee.com.

His business model is also very simple to follow.

Simple but not easy look below to see how hard Nate works"…

Nathaneills Author Bio

677 Posts!

Really Compelling Sidebar Images

What Nate has created is a very lovely blog that tells his story with a few core pages of content that are very prominently promoted using compelling text images (see right for example).

These pages all contain really helpful information without the need to ‘push’ WA.

The 667 (wow that’s a lot of work) posts are all really helpful fair reviews of products and services that his target audience are interested in.

This is what is bringing Nate over 1000 visitors per day plus.

The review strategy is a proven and reliable method for making money online and Nate’s site is the perfect example.

This is exactly the method that Kyle teaches in the WA Bootcamp training.

Personally I’ve copied Nate’s compelling sidebar links, and am trying to trim my core content down to be more helpful for visitors.

Initial results also look very good so… big thanks from me Nathaniell.

Could you do this?

Why not. It's not about writing skill, it's about research and writing around a proven formula...

Yes it takes time and consistent work.

But even if it took 5 years of part-time consistent effort to achieve a passive job crushing income wouldn't it be worth it?

Nathaniell’s other site…

Nathaniell's Beer Brewing site Brew7

Another very visually appealing site (yes I like beer too).

This site came before Nate’s WA promoting site, and demonstrates the proven strategy of website + helpful interesting content = happy visitors and PROFIT…

Why don’t you turn an interest / hobby into something more?

Liz Doin' The Granny Dance

Liz doin' the Granny Dance...

My Dad loved Horse Racing.

He'd study the breeding, form and anything else he could find to predict future winners...

He was pretty good at it as well.

Anyway Liz is a relatively new member of WA and brings a refreshing different perspective to success...

I'M IN THE TOP 50!!!!!!!!
Liz doin' the Granny Dance...

I appreciate it's hard to put a specific value on 'community' and specifically the WA community.

I think Liz's story helps... and no mention of money.

Just the re-awakening of ambition, the implementation of rusty skills, the love of learning, helping, participating...

Read Liz's story here...

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