Dan Brock AKA The ‘Deadbeat’ Super Affiliate


Dan Brock in persona as the Deadbeat Super Affiliate this time in his sales video for Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded

Dan Brock aka the ‘Deadbeat’ super affiliate.

Similar style to Jay Wessman (the Lazy Ass Stoner) Dan has created a persona from which to market his products from.

Love it or hate it this type of marketing works.


Because it’s memorable.

Dan’s deadbeat is a fun caricature of the lazy affiliate marketer and enables Dan to teach and promote in a fun way.


Dan’s products include “Deadbeat Super Affiliate” and the updated “Deadbeat Super Affiliate Reloaded”.

Both products teach the system of creating many very small review websites focused on promoting physical products typically sold on Amazon.

Note: Dan does explain that this training works with any affiliate program not just Amazons Associate Program, but Dan uses Amazon as his example because everyone is so familiar with them.

Dan provides lots of free training videos around different affiliate marketing components

Personally, what I like about Dan is that he provides a lot of free help and tips mostly in video format with a relatively soft sell to his premium training.

I’m not convinced Dan’s backlinking strategy is a good idea, but to Dan’s credit, he does warn people to be careful with that.

Anyway, I do think Dans Deadbeat Super Affiliate is good value at $17, and with a 30-day guarantee represents a very low-cost entry to a proven affiliate strategy (physical product affiliate marketing).