Non Profitable Days

As Bobby warns people in his training, big holidays are not the best days to send bulk email.

Because people have better things to do.

In my experience Saturday's can also be a challenge for the same reason.

Personally I add a tracking ID to my 10c Cliqly  Affiliate Links so that I can track exactly where my revenue is coming from.

Specifically I track Cliqly Pro 'Clickers', Cliqly Pro the 'openers'. and all clicks from My Inbox Pro.

Because I do not want to send email in Cliqly Pro if it's unlikely to be profitable.

Last year I did not send email in Cliqly Pro on Saturdays during the summer months.


Non Profitable Saturday...

Because I buy my Cliqly Pro Credits in bulk using the Flash Sale discounts, and because of the My Inbox Pro bonus offer my daily Cliqly and My Inbox Pro costs run at $19.23.

Meaning I must earn more that $19.23 to profit.

This covers me to send 130,000 emails in Cliqly Pro, and 100,000 emails in My Inbox Pro.

Because My Inbox Pro is a fixed monthly cost, I will ALWAYS mail from My Inbox Pro.

But mailing to Cliqly Pro (both the 'clickers list and openers list) is based on a cost per send model. So I don't want to pay more to send email than I'm likely to make in 10c clicks.

So far this year Saturdays have been profitable - yay 🙂

But yesterday not so as shown in the screen grab above.

I also think my IP's a due a refresh, so I will keep an eye on daily results.

As an example of a typical days performance, here's Fridays profitable results...


Know your numbers.

Because sending bulk email in Cliqly Pro is based on cost per send you can avoid sending likely non profitable email.

In my experience this includes the big holiday periods, Saturdays and mailing outside of typical waking hours.

 Avoid these and mailing in Cliqly Pro will be profitable.

And if results dip email Bobby at Cliqly Support and he'll refresh your IP's / and or review what your doing wrong.

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