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The image below is of Dhani Joshi, Shobie Leong and Phil Carrick.

Phil has traveled from his home in Ireland to congratulate Dhani and Shobie at Heathrow Airport...

What for?

For selling a lot of Franchise websites (earning them $1500 a pop)...

Dhani Joshi Shobie Leong and Phil Carrick

Dhani (left) has lost count of how many he's sold!

Point being...

What Dhani is doing can be modeled. It works and it's FREE!

Super quick back story...

Dhani struggled ...a lot.

His family told him he'd fail.

Dhani bought a lot of training and got himself heavy in debt.

He did go the the States to meet his mentor.

By his own admission he was shy and awkward...

Not any more, still a nice kid but he's now got knowledge and more powerful than that he's used it...

Dhani is now confident ...magnetic ...he's earned and is attracting success.

Here's how...

Smart Networking On Facebook

Dhani doesn't do any paid advertising yet...

He couldn't afford to.

Here's what Dhani did instead.

Method 1: Dhani would follow leaders in personal development and network marketing on Facebook. 

People like Robert Kiyosaki, with a lot of engagement on their business pages.

Dhani simply posts really helpful value adding comments in these pages that are teaming with his ideal targets.

This attracts people to check out his Facebook profile (more on his profile later).

Method 2: Whilst doing the above he's also looking out for other people that are commenting on these posts. If he see's a comment he likes he checks out the profile looking for positive people interested in self / life / financial development.

Dhani then messages them in Facebook mentioning their comment in a complementary agreeable way, showing a shared interest and suggesting they become Facebook friends.‚Äč 

Dhani does no more than 25 of these per day, and has built a circle of like-minded friends to around 1500.

Dhani's Compelling Facebook Profile: Dhani follows a strategic posting plan designed to attract his target audience...


Most of Dhani's posts are about sharing valuable information. Dhani also shares a lot of lifestyle photos ...aspirational stuff.

What really makes this work though is mixing in a few posts proving his results

All this attracts people to contact Dhani about what he's doing  ...leading to more sales.

Before Dhani was making money himself he shared other peoples success stories and posted lifestyle pictures of places that where nice in his area.

Smart - right?

Curious as to what Dhani is selling click here to see...



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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