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Amazon Case Study

​Having been a member of WA for 4 plus years it's VERY noticeable what works for some people...

AND it can work fast!

  1. ​Find an new or emerging product on Amazon 
  2. Do your keyword research as WA suggests
  3. Create a website or category on your current website about it
  4. Create unique helpful content around those keywords
  5. Do your onsite search engine optimization as WA teaches

That's it!

Surely it must be harder?

Watch Franks case study below and then maybe try it yourself?

Frank Proves
Making Money ​With Amazon Doesn't Have To Be Difficult...

This is what Wealthy affiliate teaches you...

Select niche >> Create website >>  Add content >> Earn money

Sounds easy enough... right?

Buckle up and enjoy...​

This case study is going to show you a real wealthy affiliate website example that you can copy...​

STEP 1 : Niche / Keyword Research Using The Free WA Keyword Tool

Take-aways from this video...

  • ​Use the Free Keyword tool form Wealthy Affiliate 
  • Type in your broad niche keyword idea and set results by most searches to see where the traffics flowing

If you want to follow along with Frank, you can access the WA keyword tool by clicking here and signing into your free account (if you don't have one - you'll be prompted to sign up for free membership - no credit card required).

Once your within Wealthy Affiliate the keyword tool can be found in the left navigation bar (pictured below) ​

Wealthy Affiliate Free Keyword Tool location

Next Frank assesses the keywords prior to making his final decisions on which to use and what products to promote...

Take-aways from this video...

  • ​Site structure... the main site keyword is going to be "best / wireless headphones for TV" with individual product specific 'review' posts linked to from the home page.
  • Frank is using QSR for deciding upon keyword viability. QSR means quoted search results, which are the number of pages in the search results that contain the exact keyword in the page title (more explanation below).
  • Frank then looks for products to promote. Amazon being the obvious affiliate partner but could also have considered other electronics suppliers with affiliate programs (most have an affiliate program).

Google Quoted Search Results (QSR)

​Using QSR to quickly assess the viability of a keyword is the only check some very successful marketers use (others prefer to dig deeper).

Since Frank made the video Google have changed how their search results are reported, hiding the true QSR.

You many also be wondering... What's the big deal about QSR?

Putting the target keyword in the title of a page is the most powerful of search engine ranking perimeters (logical).

So the theory is; if you can find keywords that have very few pages with the exact ("quoted") keyword in the title and lots of people searching for them​... you have a great opportunity to create content that will get visitors from search engines, and with them the opportunity to earn money (yeah!).

This is the cornerstone of search engine optimized (SEO) affiliate marketing.​

So how's it changed...

In the video Frank used the WA keyword tool and hit the 'competition' button​ to bring up a pop up window showing Googles actual results window for the keyword...

Shows how the Wealthy Affiliate free keyword tool used to display Googles quoted search results (QSR)

This shows there are only 177 competing web pages with the keyword in the title.

So NOW if you went and typed into Google "wireless headphones for TV" you's get something like this...

Google QSR Results 1st page

Which suggests there are over 136,000 competing pages with our keyword in the title... that's way to much comp!

But, the reality is different...

If you could be bothered to scroll to the end page of Googles results for this keyword you'd see...​

Googles actual quoted results on the final page of results

Oh! actually only 147 competing pages... that's way more like it!

To find this out I had to manually scroll to the final page (page 16) of Googles results.​

So how does the free WA keyword tool report QSR today?...​

WA free keyword tool QSR results window

Don't worry that this is different from my manual search, the data you get back depends on which geographical data-center you'll be connected to (I'm in the UK).

The point being the WA keyword tool saves you an awful lot of time.  

Understanding keywords is a skill that can make you a LOT of money!

SUPERSIZE That Skill With A FREE Keyword Tool That Will Take Your Keyword Research Skills To The Next Level (More PROFIT!)...

Next Frank Takes a look at the top pages he'll be competing against...

Take-away from this video is...

  • ​Before making your site take the time to check out your competition, looking for areas you like and can adapt for your site and also weaknesses where you may be able to improve on the visitor experience.

STEP 2: Creating Your Website

Here I would suggest joining  WA as a free member because...

  • ​You get access to the free keyword tool that Frank's using.
  • You also get access to 2 free websites which you can 'practice' on if you wish (see the video below about building a website with WA).
  • You can also buy your domain name through WA if you want.


Take-away's from this video...

  • ​Check out the website for yourself note the navigation, categories, use of keywords in the titles, content and images... note how inviting it is to click around the site and also to AMAZON (the clicks that EARN)
  • When you understand keywords you can hire out some of the time consuming content creation... 

The Fiverr gig that created the review content...​

​Check out Franks Website here...

STEP 4: Earn Money... I'm dying to know...

This is a great case study for the Wealthy Affiliate website building system...


Does it make money?

How  long did it take to put together?​

​The domain for this niche website was purchased on 02 March 2014 and the content for the website was completed by 04 March 2014.

The first sale came in 8 days...​

WA case study first Amazon commission

NOTE: Franks commission of $5.70 is under Advertising Fees because that's how Amazon classify affiliate payments.

But the sales don't stop there...​

Wealthy Affiliate case study update 2 more Amazon commissions

That's another 20 sales within 4 months of the site going live, with NO additional work done to the site... Frank would never normally leave a site like this...

But I mean, if this ugly little website with so few pages can generate  sales in a few short months, then imagine how many sales you could make with 50 or even 100 pages of content. The more pages you create, potentially the more income you make.
I could easily expand this website if I wanted, but for now I  just using it as a template for people to have a guide.
So to keep things simple, I’m just gonna to leave it.
From here, all you have to do is rinse and repeat the niche site creation until you generate the income you want. Or you could just stay with the one website and expand on it.

Frank didn't do any backlink building or use any forms of promotion to get traffic to the site... simply good keyword research combined with good quality unique content.

WA case study site analytics

How well could this site do if Frank had continued to add content and follow the basic promotion guides provided by WA????

This is what WA teaches, it's proven, it's evergreen, and it works!​



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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