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HOW Will Franco Help You
Make Money?

​Affiliate marketing MUST be simple...

People new to this business HAVE to be able to do it from the get go. 

Earn expense covering commissions fast, be given not only the training but also the exact steps to take, even going so far as providing the content to use.

The business must be built on solid business principals of promoting high demand products into a booming marketplace that provide you, fast cash commissions from front end sales, recurring monthly commissions that form your financial foundation, and high ticket commissions from the back end sales that occur later in the process.

I hope this makes sense because getting a balance of fast, recurring and high-ticket commission is CRITICAL.

This is what Franco Gonzalez and  his Simple Freedom Club is all about.

What is Simple Freedom Club?

An Affiliate Marketing School, Community, and Business Opportunity for those that want it. 

People usually start as free members to receive access to the training, community, and systems they can use.

Free membership provides a no obligation way for people to test the water. See if they like it.

It's cool and there are no strings attached.

  • Simple Freedom Club is an Affiliate Marketing school, with Franco Gonzalez providing daily free training, marketing content for people to use, and direct help for people with questions.
  • Simple Freedom has a fast growing community of like minded people. Hosted within a Facebook Group this is one of the most active and helpful I've found because Franco is ALWAYS around to help (check it out for yourself once your a free member)
  • Simple Freedom Club provides people a great affiliate program / business opportunity delivered through it's website/system that provides people the opportunity to build a real business from a one-time very low ($35) price point. Note: People can also use the system to promote whatever company product and service they want by adding into the back office-pretty cool.

AND people can prove all the above for themselves by simply joining for free and testing it out...

Sound fair?

Who is Simple Freedom Club For?

Franco has 18 years experience in home based business...

That's like 3 lifetimes in offline terms.

Franco knows what people need and why people fail.

When asked if he lost everything and had to start over Franco replies...

"I always answer that I’d join our Simple Freedom Team and promote a solid program that delivered as much commission per sale as possible.
And it doesn’t get higher than 100% commission. That’s what I’d do. Earning 100% commission as a beginner is so important because you need that cash flow to grow and scale your business like a professional".

SIMPLICITY AUTOMATION LEVERAGE are the cornerstones of Franco's business...

Promote products that provide business building financial balance (fast, recurring and high ticket), at an affordable starting point.

Use SIMPLE methods to promote them.

Use Automated systems to amplify effort, AND

Harness the LEVERAGE of a proven compensation plan.

Simple Freedom Club leverages a Reverse 1 Up compensation plan that rewards team building...

Here's Franco explaining the power of a reverse 1up...

"My favorite of all time for leveraged direct sales because it lets me focus on lead generation and sales…. plus delivers passive cash flow for teaching my team productive skill sets.
This creates full time cash flow faster and with MUCH LESS DRAMA and less transactions and volume.".

It works like this...

You keep all the commission from your very first sale (this is especially nice when it’s a 100% comp plan).

Everyone passes up their second sale.

“Refer 1 to break even”

Then your second sale passes up to your sponsor.

That is the ONLY passup EVER.

Now, you get 100% commission from every single direct sale you close forever.


Every single affiliate you refer directly will also owe you their second sale (their one passup)…

So if you refer 10 affiliates… then you have 10 passup sales coming to you.

And then again… THOSE PASSUPS also owe you their second sale…

So you get 10 more passups from them…

And then THOSE new passups also owe you their second sale… and on and on and on…

And that’s just from your first 10 referrals…

But you will keep going and keep selling and keep referring right?

So you have an endless pipeline of affiliates mounting up that all owe you their second sale.

NO LIMITS on direct sales.
NO LIMITS on passups from depth.

And the cool part is that each individual only passes up one sale and that’s it.

That's the power of LEVERAGE.

So with all that said Simple Freedom Club is for beginners looking for training and a simple workflow they can follow to earn affiliate commissions to fund and grow their business.

It's also for experienced marketers looking to promote solid programs that offer LEVERAGED affiliate compensation plans.

And conversely it's not for people that don't like leveraged multi-tier compensation plans, or people that would prefer to build their business around promoting physical products, or a non money related subject, hobby, or skill-set (If that's you I'd check Wealthy Affiliate out instead).

How Will Franco Help You Make Money?

Here's the timeline...

1. Join Simple Freedom Club as a free member for as long as it takes you to decide if the training, the work, and the potential rewards are what you're looking for. Seriously, don't rush this, it's important.

If it's not for you congratulations for doing your due diligence, and good luck going forward (you can always come back).

2. Follow the Getting Started training. Franco makes this very easy to do.

3. Pick one of the promotional methods Franco will have suggested free or paid advertising and start promoting your affiliate link. 

In the video below Franco explains the problems typical affiliates experience and how to solve them ...simply.

Franco identifies the biggest problems facing affiliates today.

  • Not earning enough in affiliate commissions to cover the costs of doing business
  • Not having a SIMPLE system they can follow that solves the above

The Simple Freedom Club provide you a solution for $35 one-time fee...

A proven Product to promote (the Simple Freedom Club itself) that...

  • Provides you the training on how to get people to see your offer
  • Gives you a way of earning $25 commissions for all sales + pass ups (leverage)
  • Plus numerous ways of earning Multiple Streams of Income through the Freedom-Vault
  • Does the follow-up marketing for you. Meaning Franco will close your leads!

To see this I suggest signing up for FREE to test it out - no obligation, no strings attached.

Like what you see - you can then decide to join.

Simple 🙂

What is the Simple Freedom Club

If you're in a hurry the Freedom Vault walkthrough kicks in after 10 minutes of the video.

If you'd rather not watch a video the Freedom Vault consists of recommended programs that you can add your affiliate links and get paid (specific program terms and conditions apply).

And yes, you can add any program you want.

Want to check this out for yourself?

Click here join for free and click on the Freedom Vault​.

What Does Simple Freedom Club Cost?

Simple Freedom Club offers a Free Membership option to allow people to try everything out.

But once you've decided to join as a paid member to access the affiliate program and system the starting point is $25 one-time paid from the back office direct to your sponsor, plus a $10 one-time admin fee paid to the Simple Freedom Club.

Total $35 and you're in business.

If you don't want to start building your own list you don't need anything else from a systems point of view.

You then have to promote your Simple Freedom Club affiliate link (use the top affiliate link from your back office so Franco does all the follow-up marketing for you) to start attracting prospects and making sales.

This is a great start point for those on a budget, or skeptical about it working.

Once you see the potential for yourself you can decide on how you want to grow your business.

Franco provides a ton of training on these, and the Facebook group is a great place to get help if you need it.

In terms of how do you effectively promote your new business, Franco has you covered with lot's of training on both free and paid methods.

Free methods cost in terms of taking time, paid methods are very hands-off but cost in money.

You decide which suits your circumstances best.

That's it.

My recommendation is simply start free and see what you think...

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