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Tier Jumper Sales

Quick recap: Bobby Jones company Cliqly builds huge email lists, and sells click to their clients. Cliqly also allows members to build their own email business within Qliqly.

We buy email subscribers (people that open emails we pay to send them in Cliqly List Building). This builds us a list in Qliqly Pro that we can mail, and earn money.

The amount of emails people can send in Cliqly Pro depends on what tier their on (how big their list is)

The more email you send the more money you make.

But building your list in Cliqly List Building takes time and costs money.

Cliqly Tier Jumper Sales have been introduced to enable Bobby to sell excess stock of subscribers, and give Qliqly members the opportunity to speed up their list building.

These sales will occur as and when excess stock is available and will be accessed from the left column site navigation as shown below.

Opening to a page with an explanation video, with details of the sale underneath.

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