ORS Broadcast 1 – Will This FREE Lead Gen System Earn YOU Money?

Hi, my name is Richard Penfold and by subscribing to Paul Hutchins free lead gen system you’re on my email list.

This system certainly works in terms of gaining email subscribers…

But does it do the other things it promises?

…Like, earn us passive affiliate income?

Personally, my online fortunes turned around when I realized the power in using ‘EXPERT’ systems…

Meaning systems put together by people with a solid reputation, that have people’s best interest at heart.

The trouble is they’re hard to find without a prohibitive price tag attached.

So I was very keen to ‘test’ Pauls system for myself.

Here’s my plan for a fast test…

  1. Send people interested in network marketing opportunity to the page.
  2. See how well the page does in terms of converting visitors into email subscribers (leads).
  3.  Load Pauls 30 day pre-written email sequence into my email service provider and let it run.
  4.  See what levels of engagement it gets.
  5.  Monitor affiliate offer click-throughs and sales

I’m going to share my results in a case study.

If you’re interested in leveraging other peoples lists and expertise to boost accelerate your business this is for you.

Will it be profitable out the gate, or will it crash and burn?

Click here to find out



PS the Case Study is here…


Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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