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How To Make Money Promoting An 'ULTIMATE' Affiliate Program...

It's my opinion that promoting 'ultimate' level affiliate offers is the easiest way to earn money online...

Because the ONLY task we have to do is show them to 'targeted' people (people interested in the result the program gets them).

If I show an ultimate affiliate program to enough 'targeted' people...

I make money 🙂

And if you're doing this too...

You'll make money 🙂

Can we park this for a moment as I'd like to establish the great service we are providing people looking for a specific result (make $10,000 in affiliate sales in the program I'm promoting).

It's all about providing people VALUE from the get go.

Russell Brunson is a world acknowledged marketing expert, author and founder of Clickfunnels the leading online marketing system software suite used by small business owners all the way up to corporate giants.

Russell knows his shit.

Here's Russell talking about one of the key element to business success... The VALUE Ladder...

(If you want to get Dotcom Secrets the book Russell refers to in the video you can get it here for free - though you will have to pay the shipping)

So further down this page I'll be sharing 3 ways you can enter the value ladder of the 'Ultimate' company I promote...

  1. A free training course (awesome free value)
  2. Free training videos and interviews with successful entrepreneurs (more awesome free value)
  3. A free Webinar that provides great value before offering a paid product.

So if I show these free value offers to people interested in earning through affiliate marketing do you think some will be interested?


And the people that take up the free membership offer the company makes are my referrals for life!

Meaning I get paid on anything they buy even if it's years later.

Though for people really interested in the topic it won't be years.

But What about The Charismatic Leader...

So you may or may not agree that the Ultimate affiliate program I'm suggesting has a Charismatic Leader.

But simply read the reviews on Trustpilot (search Fourpercent)...

The cause is training affiliate marketing the right way (mindset + proven strategy to achieve $10k in affiliate sales), the vehicle is a new training experience in this space...

Sure, not everybody is a fan, but a LOT are.

So we have a program that ...

  • Pays us on anything our referrals buy over the entire value ladder for life
  • Has a charismatic leader
  • A cause people are getting behind
  • A new vehicle to take them there

There's something else I haven't mentioned before...

The company also does all the marketing follow up to the referrals we've introduced.

This is through behaviour driven email and SMS follow up. 

Meaning our referrals will be presented information appropriate to their actions.

AND pays 'retargeting' advertising to keep bringing people back into the business!

So I hope you can see the MASSIVE advantage to promoting an 'ultimate' level program.

Test The Value Ladder Concept For Yourself...

Go through the free content and ask yourself could you make money promoting this?

I think you can...

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