How To
Make It BIG As An Affiliate
Even If You've Never
Made A Dime

It took me many years of scraping by before I discovered the formula for...

Affiliate success...

1. SMART Marketing
2. SCALABLE Traffic
3. An 'ULTIMATE' Affiliate Program 

Smart Marketing

Smart marketing for Affiliate Marketers does 3 things...

3. Enables the improvement over time of all key Marketing elements by using a/b testing and conversion tracking tools.

Companies, products and services come and go. Just look at some of the FTC take downs of recent times...

Legal and compliance issues aren't the only problems for affiliates, companies may simply change their terms or remove products from sale. Products and services will be superseded over time...

Change happens.

Affiliates that build their own unique brand, position and messaging (content) in the market are much better protected and able to roll with the inevitable waves of change.

There's no need to compete with the hordes of other affiliates. 

HELP People. You don't have to have expert skills or experience, my mantra for adding value as an affiliate is to learn do show and share.

Show and share the what, how, why, where, who, and how much. Help answer people's questions about the products and services you promote. Let your audience evaluate for themselves aided by your experiences with the company / product / service.

For me this is an 'authentic' approach that doesn't require me to be salesy or a skilled marketer.

My showing and sharing content is put together in a sequence that I believe helps the most. How do I know this?

A / B Testing analytics and conversion tracking.

The smart part of structuring your content into a sequence or funnel is that by using the right technology it's possible to test and improve the performance of your content over time meaning that your 'funnel' will become more profitable as you optimize your message to market match.

Scalable Traffic

Once you've built your 'helpful' content 'Funnel' complete with all the testing and tracking capabilities traffic becomes less of an issue.

The testing and tracking enables an affiliate to understand their numbers

By that I mean how much we affiliates can earn by referring customers to the companies we're promoting.

We're looking at how fast we can break even on our advertising and operations spend.

Ideally we're building our list of prospects and breaking even in the first few weeks.

If this sounds complicated take a look at my example which is made up of a very simple sequence of show & share content...

The objective is that once your content is optimized and working your main focus becomes that of testing new traffic sources for profitability.

Simply stack profitable traffic sources until you hit your financial goal!

There is no shortage of viable traffic sources to test once you know your numbers...

The 'ULTIMATE' Affiliate Program

So far we've built a great affiliate 'engine'.

Want to add a TURBO?

You bet!

This is the edge I'd been looking for...

As a very average affiliate without ninja marketing skills or endless time and resources I eventually realized what I needed to level the playing field...

An Ultimate Affiliate Program is that turbo, field levelling 'EDGE' I needed because it...

1. Builds frontend, backend and recurring affiliate commissions
2. ...From each and potentially every 'Customer' my funnel refers
3. ...AND Distributes these across best of breed companies in my niche...

Finding an affiliate program that shares the backend gravy is pretty rare.

But finding one that ALSO enables me to build affiliate profit streams from multiple companies is totally UNIQUE!

Want to see mine>>>



Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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