Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Do This...
Build Dependable Affiliate Income

"CONNECT people looking for SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM with companies offering PROVEN SOLUTIONS"

This Is WORKING For Me...

I attract people looking to earn extra via a very part-time affiliate system. In marketing terms this is called getting 'traffic'.

I use pay per click advertising, because it can be very targeted, and I've been testing various lead buying services, because though not as targeted, they are very easy to use.

I'm also using a new service that PAYS ME to build an email list!

In terms of connecting people looking for solutions to problems, I like to use a review / case study format because it shows people how I've used the product or service to solve the same problem they maybe looking to solve.

By simply systematizing, and where possible automating this process to run continuously I earn affiliate commissions because some of the people that see the solutions I use decide to try them themselves. 

It sells without selling :)

Ultimate Affiliate Programs...

Very hard to find, these companies provide a WIN, WIN, WIN, experience for their prospects, customers, affiliates, and for the company itself.

Here are the programs that are working for me:-

Cliqly - The best of the lead buying services I've tested because:-

  • It can be worked in under 15 minutes per day PROFITABLY!
  • No SKILL is needed - seriously watch the presentation / free trial.
  • EVERYBODY will see results because if you don't win Cliqly can't win.

NOTE: The sales page headline is over-hyped in my opinion. But the free trial offer is great. Because you literally can test the business for ZERO risk.

Cliqly review and case study here >>

Four Percent Group because :-  

  • It's the BEST Free affiliate training combined with a foolproof done for you offer
  • It builds you a real proven business that you 100% own on your own domain.
  • This business will build you multiple streams of income WITHOUT having to promote Four Percent Group (I've never seen this done before)

Grab Your Free Four Percent Membership Here >>

See an Example of Four Percents Foolproof Done For Your System >>

Note: I like to promote proven 'evergreen' offers, but there are many different affiliate offers available from networks like Clickbank, Warrior Plus, JVZoo which you can test with your subscribers. Or find private affiliate programs by Googling "company name + affiliate" or "niche description + affiliate program".

Daily Money Making Action


  1.  Do my Cliqly work every day PROFITABLY...
  2. Mail my Email List in GetResponse

Other Money Making Actions:-

  • Usually once a week I check my Microsoft Ads PPC campaigns
  • Keep up to date on training and events within the companies I use / promote
  • Update reviews / case studies with new information if required

This is what I call my "fun, legit side hustle". 

Very simple.

Very part-time :)