Wealthy Affiliate Challenge - How To Build A Robust Legit Affiliate Business

Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Do This...
Build Dependable Affiliate Income

"CONNECT people looking for SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM with companies offering PROVEN SOLUTIONS"

A WIN, WIN, WIN, Experience...

Promoting programs that provide people a better experience has been a great amplifier for my business.

Programs I use, and know what they can provide people. Taking responsibility to accurately describe / proove the benefits without hype.

...But without losing sight of the critical affiliate success criteria:-

  • Lifetime affiliate commissions.
  • Residual Monthly Income.
  • An 'ecosystem' of products and services that customers ascend over time, when they're ready. ALL of which will pay you affiliate commission.
  • The opportunity to build Multiple Streams of Affiliate Income from promoting ONE thing (LEVERAGE).

Here's What I'm Excited About...

As mentioned on the home page 'systems work people fail'. I failed until I started getting better advice, and plugging into proven systems.

What comes next is a proven traffic and affiliate commission system. Built by Jeff Aman to help his affiliates.

Yes, I bought it...

No, you don't have to spend $49, you can get a monthly subscription from $4.95 per month.

But after a little reseach, I'm confident that The Click Engine will deliver what I want...

  1. Buyer traffic to my sites 
  2. A way to earn more than the cost through refering people as an affiliate

Early days to judge the traffic quality, but it looks promising...

I'll be testing, different offers with this traffic, and will update results in a case study, as I collect data.

Why I believe The Click Engine will earn affiliates more than the cost...

Because Jeff Aman the product owner gives affiliates EVERYTHING they need to succeed.

  • 50% commission across all products in the funnel (many recurring).
  • A proven done for people funnel thay can freely use, adding other income streams, and including bonuses and training. 

Want to check it out for yourself?

Click here to see the lead capture page (subscribe to see the email series and products offered), and Thank You / Bridge Page. Standard stuff - right?

But if you use Jeffs FREE funnel you also get his email follow up series, and a share code so you can copy the whole funnel and training page (packed with value). Also Jeff gives funnel users extra bonuses to give away to incentivise affiliate sales!

Now at this point I was thinking this would be all be hosted on a platform like Clickfunnels, which you have to pay for.

But NO. This can be hosted for free, with a free email service thrown in!

(If you've got your own email service provider you can use that if you prefer)

This is a win, win, win experience in my book.

The headline here is that this funnel including follow up email sequence is a PROVEN income AND traffic source, a profitable mini business given to us on a plate.

I'll be adding a case study sharing how this traffic source AND funnel works out.

Here's the funnel bridge page (my affiliate link with extra bonuses and FREE Funnel access).

If you want to go through the funnel and email sequence, here is the lead capture page.

From this simple profitable funnel which builds your email list, and gives you targeted traffic you can add more profitable funnels, or promote other offers via your growing email list.

Best Multiple Streams of Income
Affiliate Program...

Want to make more?

You could test plugging more traffic sources into the above funnel - keeping the profitable ones - right?

Or, adding something a little special...

Something PROVEN to earn affiliates multiple streams of income (MSI), in a cool way... 

Four Percent Group   

Four Percent is an Entrepreneur Training Membership.

The brainchild of marketing expert Vick Strizheus. Personally, I've been a member from the start, and can vouch for both the training, and the MSI affiliate opportunity.

If you want to check out Four Percent here are 2 risk free ways:-

  1. Join Four Percent Group as a Free member, and follow the training pathway...

Grab Your Free Four Percent Membership Here >>

2. I've purchased Four Percents done for me Affiliate Business System, which CRUCIALLY is on my own domain meaning I OWN this business. And it comes with proven profitable marketing funnels, that give me access to a full affiliate ecosystem, multiple streams of income, and syndicated live content which is a truly unique technology that will further boost sales and conversion.

See an Example of Four Percents Affiliate Business System In Action >>

Daily Money Making Actions


  1. NEVER stop feeding the systrem. Attracting people to see my web content...
  2. Consistently mail my Email List 
  3. That's it- Let the system to do its job.

Other Money Making Actions:-

  • Usually once a week I check my Traffic Getting Campaigns
  • Keep up to date on training and events within the companies I use / promote
  • Update reviews / case studies with new information if required

This is what I call my "fun, legit side hustle". 

Very simple.

Very part-time :)