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Does Buying Business Opportunity Seeker Leads Work?

My favorite traffic source is Search Engine Pay Per Click. Because it's very targeted, and fast.

But it's now possible to buy business opportunity seeker leads - cheap.

But does it work - do these people buy the sort of offers I'm happy to promote?

These leads are people who have submitted their email address in order to receive business opportunity offers into the email inbox. They have also checked to confirm it's OK the receive offers form 'partner' organisations.

Put another way. These people are being hammered with email offers from many companies.

You will NOT be able to import these leads into any mainstream Email Service Provider such as Aweber, GetResponse, or Active Campaign.

Because of the low quality issues associated with these lists.

But I know people that have had success with these sources, so I have tested a few.

My Lead Gen Secrets is a service that lets you build and email your list from their mailer. It also has an MLM affiliate program that many have done well with.

If I remember right it cost $35 one time as a set up, and then $35 per month - In return you would get 100 new leads every day, and the ability to mail your list once per day.

You cannot import these leads into any mainstream Email Service Provider (yes, I did test this).

I did get traffic from this source, but no conversions. Apparently offers from CPA Networks, some Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior Plus were converting for others.

But I don't promote these offers, so My Lead Gen Secrets is not for me.

Rob Fore's Heavy Hitter Leads is a different proposition.

Firstly you CAN import these leads into mainstream Email Service Providers (accept Aweber - don't know why).


Affiliate slaes from Heavy Hitter Leads

Heavy Hitter Leads do convert!

2 sales and re-bill from Wealthy Affiliate.  

Personally I tested the $97 month subscription for delivery of 1000 leads into my GetResponse Email Service Provider. This all happened automatically each day via API.

My subsription to Heavy Hitter Leads

For the eagle eyed, my leads purchases were made May - Sept 21, and the affiliate payments made Jan - March 22. Almost certainly due to Wealthy Affiliate offering a great free entry level, that converts people over time.

I cancelled my Heavy Hitter Leads subscription on the basis of not seeing any sales!

I think this lead source offers interesting potential for somebody that is a better email marketer than me (that's most people I'd imagine).

I feel I should test this again?

(update 10th July 2022 - started my subscription again. Was far to hasty last time)

Rob Fore is a good guy, and does a fantastic job of explaining everything on his site here >>

Heavy Hitter Leads also offers an affiliate program.

Also Testing
Cliqly / Cliqly Pro

So I've been testing Cliqly.

It's going well 🙂

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