Why Some People Take Action

Tony Robbins explains why some people take action when MOST dont

Why SOME People Take Action… To succeed in anything remotely challenging people MUST have the correct mindset.​Without going all woo-woo on you, most people are hampered in their efforts by their own ingrained self-beliefs (I know I am)…​So what to do?…

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Day 28 – How Can I Use Social Media?

Social cave man

Saturday 9th August 2014 – Social Media? If you’ve been following the journal on this site, you’re aware that I’ve been following and implementing the Wealthy Affiliate training. This site is focused on promoting the WA training and community service which means I’m following the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training. I have also been reviewing the […]

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Authority Hacker SEO Copywriting

 Can you REALLY make money writing for the Web? How much can you make writing articles for the web?​How long does it take to start making money?​Two very good and common questions from people wanting to start an online business (niche website).​The link below takes you to one of the best articles I’ve seen on […]

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Optimizepress 2.0 Ditched

Why Top Marketer Ditches OptimizPress 2.0In Favor Of…  Feel’s like I’ve spent a week living with Rob Cornish?​Rob’s a fast-rising Internet Marketing coach . I bought and implemented one of his products this week, and have been reviewing his excellent blog (more below).​As they say in sailing circles… I like the cut of Rob’s jib…​​He’s honest, […]

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Day 26 – Daily Action Plan?

Daily action plan - Critical activities which success is built upon

Thursday 7th July 2014 Another beautiful day here in the UK. Shorts on Laptop fired up… off we go. Yet to finish my post on what’s needed to succeed online 2014/15. Must get this done. As I’ve been writing and going through the training simultaneous. I haven’t really done anything else. Keyword research for example […]

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Day 24 Success Through Content Creation

New wealthy Affiliate Training Module Released - success through content creation

Tuesday 5th August 2014 First things first – super excited to see another anther 10 lesson training module released today. The Business Of Content… Is level 5 of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification series. Kyle promised us additional and updated training to reflect the latest changes to online marketing. And this is the first release. […]

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Wealthy Affiliate Success Thread

Does Anybody Make Money?The WA Success Thread… I love reading about other people success… really.​I was struggling to explain to somebody how you find it…​So created this post…​STEP1 – Click on the Activity Dashboard Tab STEP 2 – Select ‘Success’ then choose from everyone, your WA friends, or people you’ve referred. You’re there 🙂Simply scroll […]

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