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WA training get started

This page lists much of the WA training.

Nothing beats testing something for yourself, so please feel free to simply scan through the training modules below click the blue lesson text of any you fancy and see the training for yourself…

WA training get started

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started (level 1)

Lesson 1 Getting Started – The Welcome intro from Kyle and summary of what you’ll be learning (Video and Text).

Lesson 2 How You’ll Make Money – Kyle explains how people make money from the Internet and you define your financial goals (Video and Text and Tutorial).

Lesson 3 Choosing A Niche – Get your grey matter ready – this defines ‘niches’ and really helps you decide on yours (Video and Text).

Lesson 4 Building Your Own Website – Build your first website with Website Express (Video and Text).

Lesson 5 Setting Up Your Website – Having built your site your now going to tweak the look and feel, activate plugins and prepare for content (Video and Text).

Lesson 6 SEO Preparation – The fun begins… Search engine optimisation will help your site attract all those lovely visitors (Video and Text).

Lesson 7 Developing Content From Keywords –  Learn keyword mastery and undertake your first keyword research (Video and Text).

Lesson 8 Your First Web Page – Taking the content planning for your site to the next stage and posting your first work (Video and Text).

Lesson 9 Creating Quality Content – Creating content for real PEOPLE is critical… (Video and Text)

Lesson 10 Benefits Of Continuation – Kyle concludes by congratulating on what you’ve achieved and looks forward to what comes next (Text).

Website building

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website (Level 2)

Course Description – Free traffic generation techniques that will bring you visitors whatever your niche (Text and Contents).

Lesson 1  Your Brand And Your Domain – Migrating from a free Site Rubix site to your own domain (Video and Text).

Lesson 2 Theme Based Content – How to really dial in a give your visitors exactly what they’re after (Video and Text).

Lesson 3 Domain Specific Email – Walk through on how to set up your domain specific email address(s) and or forwarders (Video and Text).

Lesson 4 The Traffic Breakdown – Taking attracting visitors through quality content and wise keyword selection to the next level (Video, Text and Tutorial).

Lesson 5 Making Use Of Visuals – Imagery can both bring visitors as well as engage them and aid conversion… (Video and Text).

Lesson 6 Getting Crafty With The WordPress Editor – This shows you the text and page formatting proven to work best (Video and Text).

Lesson 7 Understanding The Low Hanging Fruit – A masterclass from Kyle on how to spot easy to rank profitable keywords (Video, Text and Jaaxy).

Lesson 8 Adding Trust To Your Content – Getting people to know like and trust you starts here (Video and Text)

Lesson 9 Google Authorship – We all want some love from Google. Get yours by setting up authorship (Video and Text).

Lesson 10 Wealthy Affiliate Rankings – By now you’ve learnt a lot! Why not consider becoming a WA Ambassador and help others (Video and Text)

WA training making money

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money! (Level 3)

Course Description – You now have a website, content, and you know how to get traffic… how about making some money? (Text and Contents).

Lesson 1 Understanding How Money Is Made Online – The key to making money is understanding what people want and how you can give it to them… (Text and Tutorial).

Lesson 2 Affiliate Marketing 101 – Fantastic training simplifying affiliate marketing with a great formula for estimating your profits (Video and Text).

Lesson 3 Uncovering The Best Affiliate Programs –  The obvious affiliate schemes are rarely the best – how you find the best… (Video and Text).

Lesson 4 The Truth About Affiliate Links – Getting and correctly setting your affiliate links (Video and Text).

Lesson 5 The Biggest Affiliate Program – Amazon runs by far the biggest affiliate program in the world. This training shows how you can benefit (Text and Image).

Lesson 6 Leveraging Product Reviews – How to create helpful product reviews that get the ‘click’ (Video and Text).

Lesson 7 Profiting From Ads On Your Site – Accepting Ads on your site can be very lucrative… (Text).

Lesson 8 Earning Pennies or Dollars –  Putting ads on your site can be easy money… but is it your best option? (Text).

Lesson 9 Understanding Your Traffic – Tracking and improving the performance of your site enables you to earn more money from the same number of visitors… (Video and Text).

Lesson 10 4 Steps To Making Money – Summary and reminder on the 4 steps successful online entrepreneurs follow to profit from their sites (Video and Text).


Next We have the Affiliate Boot Camp Training. This is for people who would like to earn commissions promoting WA.

mastering social media

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement (Level 4)

Course Description – This course is dedicated to all aspects of social. From social media, social marketing, and social networks. Ultimately any success within the social world is the result of social engagement.

Lesson 1 What Does Social Engagement Mean To Your Business – Harnessing the power from Google +, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the others with just ‘hanging out’ (wasting time). (text).

Lesson 2 Making Your Website A Place To Engage – Social engagement and specifically commenting on your site helps in EVERY way. This training is about getting everything set up just so… (Video and Text).

Lesson 3 Using Facebook The Right Way – How to really get engagement without spamming anyone… great Facebook training this…(Video and Text).

Lesson 4 The Visual World and Pinterest – As a content marketer you should be taking advantage of the fastest growing social site. Here’s how to do it properly…(Video and Text).

Lesson 5 Twitter and The Right Tweeting Campaign – Should you use Twitter? If so how to do it right… (Video and Text).

Lesson 6 Google Plus or Minus – Google Plus owned by Google… It makes sense to use this platform…(Text).

Lesson 7 Google Authorship Plus Wealthy Affiliate – If your a member of Wealthy Affiliate this is for you…(Video and Text).

Lesson 8 Making Your Campaigns Social Branding Animals – Why and how you should aim for engagement in all online activity (Text).

Lesson 9 Using The WA Social Community – Again another must see for WA members… (Video and Text).

Lesson 10 You Cannot Be Master Of All – Another great training. Just maybe this should be the first lesson? For those of us that sometimes think social is a waste of time… (Video and Text).

content creation training

Online Entrepreneur Certification – Success Through Content Creation (Level 5)

Course Description Success Through Content Creation – If your looking to build a stable long term business online creating quality content is one of the best strategies for success (Text).

Lesson 1 Content IS Your Business – Kyle takes the complexity out of the business… website, content, traffic and finally money. Quality content on your website is the foundation of success in this business (Video and Text).

Lesson 2 Google Webmaster Tools – A vital tool in any website owners tools (Video and Text).

Lesson 3 Improved Indexing and Times – More detail on getting the most our of Google webmaster tools, and a special hour long training video! (Video’s and Text).

Lesson 4 Keywords and People – This is to really help people create great readable content, easy on the eye and attractive to search engines as well (Video and Text).

Lesson 5 The Potential Of Your Business – An inspirational training on what simply writing three quality posts/pages per month can achieve… and it’s a low average! (Text).

Lesson 6 Writing Within A Planned Architecture – Really detailed training on how to plan and execute your articles. And remember your not a writer you’re a ‘communicator’…(Text and Video).

Lesson 7 Writing With Intent – Creating content with real intent. This training will make you money… (Video and Text)

Lesson 8 Injecting Comments With Intent – Most marketers miss the opportunity replying to comments offer… don’t (Video and Text).

Lesson 9 Bing and Yahoo 33% – Turns out Bing manage the search algorithm for themselves as well as Yahoo (who knew?)… This training covers how to rank with these two search engines (Video and Text).

Lesson 10 Beyond 12 Months – Reinvest some of your profits into your business growth. Consider outsourcing some of your content creation (text).


Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Bootcamp

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Starting Your Foundation (PHASE 1)

Lesson 1 Getting Rollin – Really understand the Wealthy Affiliate business opportunity and set your goals (Video and Text).

Lesson 2 Domain Website Set Up And Identifying Your Audience – Kyle explains how to effectively ‘pre-sell’ the WA proposition… (Video, Text and Tutorial).

Lesson 3 Preparing Your Website For Visitors – Planning the structure of your website, setting up plugins, and writing your first content (Video and Text).

Lesson 4 Creating A Scaleable Idea Friendly Site – Getting your strategy right and building your first real pre-selling content (Video and Text)

Lesson 5 Confirmation and Catch Up – A bit of a day off (possibly) Kyle confirms everything that must be in place for success and gives you the chance to catch up / finish (Text).

Lesson 6 Content Content Content – Kyle provides some practical ideas on content creation… (Text).

Lesson 7 Getting Your Comment Engine Ready – Kyle explains how to engage with your visitors and avoid the dreaded spam (Video and Text).

Lesson 8 Adding Reviews To Your Site – Kyle shows you how to create effective helpful reviews that pre-sell… (Video and Text)

Lesson 9 Using WA Content To Help Your Site – Great training on making the best use of all the WA training content (Video and Text)

Lesson 10 Putting The Idea Engines To Work – Kyle shows us how to generate great content ideas out of thin air… (Video and Text).


WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Content Keywords and Conversions (PHASE 2)

Course Description Prepare For A World Of Success With Your Content – Promoting Wealthy Affiliate can be mighty lucrative…. this course shows how (Text).

Lesson 1 Create Content That Converts – This covers detail of writing great readable pre-selling affiliate content that gets the click through… (Video and Text).

Lesson 2 Properly Using Affiliate Links – This is about tracking your links and not getting your site penalised by search engines for over using affiliate links (Video and Text).

Lesson 3 Understanding Keywords – The biggest traffic generator for your site is going to be creating content containing keywords that people search for and understanding how to rank your content in the search engines… (Video and Text).

Lesson 4 Targeted Product Keywords and Reviews – One of the best tactics for driving targeted and commercially motivated traffic to your websites (Text).

Lesson 5 Catch Up Day

Lesson 6 Backing Up Your Website – Don’t risk it. Backing up your website is simple. (Video and Text).

Lesson 7 Enhancing Your Website Experience – Boost conversions by providing a nice looking site with clear and prominent navigation and clear calls to action (Video and Text).

Lesson 8 Creating More Content Through Internal Links – Google loves sites that link internally through contextual text links (think Wikipedia) this lesson is about gaining further content from your existing… (Video and Text).

Lesson 9 Writing And Sharing Your First Product Review – Writing great product review will make you money, this training is about creating and sharing within the WA community. This is a fantastic way to jump start engagement  on your site (Text)

Lesson 10 Offering Bonuses The Easy Way – Offering bonuses is a proven way to increase conversions. Kyle show us the easy way to do it (Video and Text).


WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Giving Your Site Social Value (PHASE 3)

Course Description – How to get more engagement reach and traffic through better social practices.

Lesson 1 The plugins to use help visitors help you – Adding a social plugin and getting your key social networks ready to recieve your contWell Earned ent (Video and Text).

Lesson 2 Branding Your Social Profiles – Leads to more exposure and more visitors and more revenue (Video and Text).

Lesson 3 How To Create Socially Engaging Content – Video where Kyle teaches us how to use conversational skills to make our content engaging and fun (Video and Text).

Lesson 4 Google Authorship – Setting up Google Authorship will improve your ranks and increase your visitors (Video and Text)

Lesson 5 Break Day –

Lesson 6 Power Writing – Training on how to speed up your writing processes (Text).

Lesson 7 Adding Google Analytics – How to get the best out of analysis without paralysis (Video and Text).

Lesson 8 Leveraging The Jaaxy Affiliate Program – Why Jaaxy is so good and why promoting it as an affiliate makes sense (Video and Text).

Lesson 9 Making Promotional Use Of Your Sidebar –  Used correctly your sidebar will earn you money… (Video and Text).

Lesson 10 Build Build Build – Final lesson of phase 3 a reminder of what works and what must continue to happen… clues in the title (Text).


WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through Media. (PHASE 4)

Course Description – Image and branding really really matter…

Lesson 1 Introduction To Website Design – This is about adding the image details that really matter, improving visitor engagement and conversion (Video and Text).

Lesson 2 Harnessing Images and Pinterest – Pinterest is the fastest growing social network and this lessons shows us how we can benefit from pinning our images (Video and Text).

Lesson 3 Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Video – WA has so many great training video’s ready for us to use and share with people who need this information… (Video and Text).

Lesson 4 Creating A Logo – How to create eye catching visual images and logos super easy and free… (Video and Text).

Lesson 5 Break Day –

Lesson 6 Creating A Kick-Ass Jaaxy Review – Kyle really is an expert at keyword research and this lesson shows you how you can create a fantastic Jaaxy review (Video and Text).

Lesson 7 Jaaxy Show And Tell – Digging deeper into Jaaxy to create further show and tell content that will help your visitors find profitable keywords (Video and Text).


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