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Hi Richard Penfold here, wanting to give you a heads up about Smartbizdotcom.

Super quick background...

I'm 53+ years, work full-time but have a side hustle promoting stuff that works for me as an affiliate.

No expert. But profitable and improving 🙂

I help others interested in earning as an affiliate by simply sharing what works for me.

Done via case studies I test popular 'systems' and post my results.

Smartbizdotcom is a franchise or licence system I bought Nov 2017 to test.

It's a product from Paul Lynch's Mydotcombusiness stable...

Like most of these systems it promises a lot!

Very specifically it promises to make people money who promote it using solo ad traffic!

Note: You can use free traffic methods, or any other traffic method for that matter, but it was designed to work with solo ads.

For those new to solo ads they are email list owners that will sell you real visitors to your website for anywhere between 30c to $1.20 per visitor dependent on 'quality'.

They used to work great (apparently still do outside the make money niche).

But they're having a real hard time currently because of quality issues (understatement)...

They don't work for many / most.

So Richard have you tested this system and is it something that's working for you?

No and No!


Tho I am planning to....

FREE Level Members

As a free member you get access to the free products and free training from within the mydotcombusiness Facebook group.

You CANNOT promote as a free member.

My responsibility is to help free members through sharing the stuff that's working for me...

Pro Level Members

Having paid $77 for pro level what do you get?

In the video below Phil Carrick Operations Director explains...

So to clarify what I believe are the high-lights (without testing remember).

A guaranteed minimum of 30 subscribers to your email list.

11 sales funnels with lead capture and done for you swipe copy.

If as Phil claims we get a minimum email optin rate of 53% that's really good.

Here's the kicker though...

Because this uses a membership model to deliver the incentive email addresses captured will be genuine?

Meaning we have the opportunity to build a good list and develop a relationship with subscribers...

If it works that way ....AWESOME!

This will be one of the area's I'll be testing.

Also at pro level you get the opportunity to promote ANY or ALL of the products earning 50% affiliate commissions. 

You can also earn 50% of any high ticket sales this 'system' generates through back-end products and events.

The low-ticket products could enable us to build responsive email lists at near break even (not tested).

Franchise Level Membership

There are franchise owners that are really killing it with this system. 

It really suits network marketers. 

Leaders who inspire their members to follow them.

If this is you, this is a great opportunity to own a business that isn't an MLM.


I really like that the system is about to have it's 2nd major update (free since joining).

These updates improve user experience and aid customer retention ...all good. 

There is a long-term feel about this business.

Obviously without testing I can't say much more at this stage...

Though for list builders the pro-level should be appealing.

If you have any question please fire away in the comments below 🙂 ....

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