Simple Freedom Club

Compensation Plan

Franco explains how the Simple Freedom Club compensation works...

Simple Freedom Club cost $35 one-off includes $10 admin fee.

Affiliates earn $25 per referral

What about the simple 1-up pay plan...

"We leverage the very popular, very effective and very SIMPLE 1-up compensation plan structure and model.

 Here's how it works:

 Your very first sale...YOU WILL KEEP so that on your first sale, your monthly membership fee is covered!  Your 2nd sale will be "passed up" to your inviter and then YOU KEEP EVERY SALE FROM THERE ON! That's it! See? We told you it was SIMPLE!

 Why do we make you "pass up" your 2nd sale?

 This is how we create "leverage" with our plan which getting paid from the efforts of others on your team.

 Just as you will be "passing up" your 2nd sale to your inviter...all of the people YOU INVITE will also do the same!

 Here's a quick example of how this can work.

 Let's say you invite 5 people to the club who each are paying the $25 membership fee and each of those 5 people also get 5 people to join the club with them.

Person #1 - $25 is paid DIRECTLY to YOU and is added to what we call your "freedom line".
Person #2 - $25 is "passed up" to your inviter.
Person #3 - $25 is paid DIRECTLY to YOU and they too are added to your "freedom line".
Person #4 - $25 is paid DIRECTLY to YOU and they too are added to your "freedom line".
Person #5 - $25 is paid DIRECTLY to YOU and they too are added to your "freedom line".

 You've now earned $100 on your own efforts...however watch as LEVERAGE kicks in.

Each of the 4 people now on your "freedom line" will each pass up their 2nd sale to you who in turn will also join your "freedom line".

What is the "freedom line"?

 Each person on your "freedom line" has paid YOU $25 DIRECTLY and not only that...but they will also EACH pass up their 2nd sale to you and when they do...that person is also added to your "Freedom line".

 So the 4 people who were added to your "freedom line" each pass up their 2nd sale to you, giving you 4 more people to your freedom line.

 You now have 8 people paying you $25 for a total of $200 going DIRECTLY to you!

 This process continues without end, with each new person being "passed up" to your freedom line continuing to "pass up" THEIR 2nd sale to YOU and your freedom line!

 You can easily see how QUICKLY this can create an AVALANCHE of 100% monthly commissions of $25 coming DIRECTLY to you monthly, weekly and even DAILY!

Optional 'Back End'
Products You Can Own & Profit From...

So once you've profited from the entry level sales...

You're now a believer!

You might want to earn bigger commissions the same way (optional)

There are three other training programs you can sell and earn from.

  • Academy $200 one time
  • Platinum $400 one time
  • Elite $800 one time

All also are leveraged using the reverse 1 up method.

Freedom Vault Affiliate Commissions

Affiliates of the Simple Freedom Club can also add their affiliate links into the products, tools and services promoted within the Freedom Vault.

These are 3rd party programs and services that are entirely optional but will be of interest to some members because of the additional functionality they offer and of coarse the additional income streams.

Simple Freedom Club members can also add their own favoured affiliate programs into the back office if they don't see them there already.



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