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Thank You!

For those that would prefer the training in another format I have put it into PDF.

This will enable you to move faster should you wish.

The pdf version can be accessed at the link below…

Passive Affiliate Profit PDF





Thanks so much for signing up for this free training.

To be honest I’m a little nervous about making such an ‘out there’ promise.

But I wanted to put myself under pressure…


To kick off let me quickly recap my promise…

The desired OUTCOME is for you to have at least one passive income stream set up on your website within the next 30 days…at ZERO cost.


Couple of definitions:-
– Passive profit stream is the combination of laser targeted traffic from specific keywords directed to a very relevant post on your site that compels visitors to click through and view an offer… most importantly the offer is high quality and converts a percentage of visitors (1-5% expected) into buyers in turn earning you commissions.

– Website is a free siterubix domain hosted freely by Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Used because you have complete ownership and control of your content, which can be easily moved to your own domain name and hosting when you’re ready and profitable. WA make this transfer super easy.


As we go through the training I’ll be showing you how to find high quality offers that are already selling, and how to get the laser targeted traffic that is most likely to buy the products.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) will be providing 100% FREE membership, two free websites free hosting and training on how to set up your website properly.

Please note WA also offers premium membership at discounted $19 month trial moving to $47 per month for additional training.

This is the membership level I’m at but is NOT necessary for my training… free is fine.

I do recommend the premium level training but only when you know you are going to be profitable and enjoy this business model.

My goal is to help you become profitable so any extra training you might want is paid for out of your PROFITS.



I’m super excited to be helping show you what I believe is a great way to earn extra money.

Right let’s get busy…

Go here to claim your free WA membership and start building your website (you won’t believe how easy this is ;)..

After you’ve filled in the form head over to the getting started training linked to in the left hand navigation.

Simply follow the training and enjoy it, its awesome.

Don’t feel you have to rush…

…your passive income profits will wait!



Tomorrow the training is via email where I reveal why this works so well, and share a story from a friend of mine that inspired me to test this method…

Till then

Richard (nervous but excited) Penfold.

If you have any questions, want to say  hello, of just get in touch please email via richard@wealthyaffiliatechallenge.com

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