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If your considering affiliate marketing this bonus is for you. It's an ongoing resource of useful / vital 'stuff' (training, tools, services, most free) that you'll need at some point.

It's for you, if you're looking to earn extra money via your own WordPress website (this is what most "how to make money through affiliate marketing" courses teach).

You don't have to join Wealthy Affiliate to benefit from this stuff...

To get it you need to join my WAC email newsletter at the bottom of this page. And because I don't want to send you stuff that's not right for you this page is to show you what you'll get.

What You Get...

Wealthy Affiliate Challenge Bonus Resources Page Contents

The above screen grab is the page contents menu from my Wealthy Affiliate bonus  page. 

Each heading is a clickable link that takes you directly to all the resources under the heading.

So for example "Fast Passive Profit Stream" is a training resource I put together that shows people how to accelerate the Wealthy Affiliate marketing system, and hooks them up with a free advertising voucher that enables them to start profiting with zero outlay.

Under SEO - Tools & Training there is a lot of info on keyword research. Which for those that don't know is the science of finding profitable keyword phrases that people are searching for on Google today that we have the opportunity of creating content for. These keywords are an affiliate marketers bread and butter... and there are millions of them... really.

Unbelievably one of my favorite keyword tools is 100% FREE! This tool alone helps me make profitable keyword decisions...

The image below shows you what this looks like on the bonus page, with a link to where you can get this fantastic free tool together with a video showing you what it does... it's super good.

WA Bonus Keyword Oprimizer Pro

In a nutshell this is all the stuff that makes my life easier and more profitable...

  • ​A Daily Action Plan That Helps Me Focus On The Things That Work
  • Research tools and systems so you pick profitable niches and keywords
  • Lots of website building resources, from free themes, plugins and content creation utilities that save me time.
  • Premium quality Amazon themes for free
  • Great FREE utilities for Image capture and editing so your website looks stunning.
  • The best free video screen capture software if video's your thing.
  • Training and resources on how to find affiliate offers that people want.
  • Updated and extended as products and services earn their bacon.

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