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Maximize Cliqly Profits By Leveraging Credit Buying Coupons and Free Bonus Offers

Email Profit Formula

As Bobby always explains, to run a successful email business you need 3 things...

  1. Build an Email List.
  2. Have a cost effective way of emailing that list.
  3. Have a way of monetizing that list.

Cliqly offers it's members ALL 3!

But leveraging Cliqly Coupon and the Free Bonus Offers really gives people a chance to amplify their earnings. 

As an example of using the above 30% coupon to buy Cliqly Pro Credits to gain maximum discount.

So if you apply 30% off Cliqly Coupon Code against buying 10 Million Cliqly Pro Credits for $947 the price drops to $662.90.

So my cost to send 130,000 emails yesterday (Friday 24 Feb) was $8.62.

My earnings...

Plus my Cliqly Pro Clickers...

Giving a total Cliqly Pro list earnings figure of $14.8

Less sending cost of $8.62

Daily profit of $6.18

Clearly nothing to get excited about.

But if it's an estimated $140 a month ...$1680 a year.

But Why Not Think Bigger...

Currently I'm sat just below Tier 4, but what if we max our estimations out to sending 1 Million emails per day...

The monthly ESTIMATED profit works out around $1239.22 which for the amount of work involved (I'm guessing well under 1 hour per day) would be good. This is also based on yesterday's click through rate which was pretty poor.

Interesting to see how things pan out... 

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