Case-Studies That Add
'Lifetime Value'

Our goal is to help you get started profitably online. 

Avoiding all the shenanigans that litter this market.

Without being 'experts' it's caused a few sleepless nights ...but I think we've cracked it 🙂

Susanne and I feel that sharing our experiences through case studies is a simple, authentic approach that can add value in terms of sharing things that work and also the stuff that doesn't.

Copy the good avoid the bad.

I have a little more experience than Susanne and will invest in programs and services that are currently all the rage in the market ie they promise us big results... but do they DELIVER...


A few governing principals...

We're looking to build an evergreen business that will last over time, through promoting worthwhile products and services as affiliates.

Our business model will be one of LEARN then DO then SHARE in the form of case-studies or mini challenges.

We are learning evergreen valuable skills that provide others value and therefore can always earn us money (dependent on how good we become). These skills are independent of any product, program or business opportunity. They are about building us first before serving others is a by-product from serving others.

We would also like to cater for people starting on a tight budget as we did. To those who have funding but wish to invest wisely.

Case Study Menu:-

Low Risk Affiliate Profits

BRIEF: Profiting from a very simple system using a FREE website and highly targeted traffic from Bing. Hopefully within 30 days.

  • Low or potentially zero cost.
  • This strategy can be extended and easily moved to your own domain and hosting.
  • Can add free content marketing / search engine traffic sources. 
  • Allows for the addition of lead generation and email marketing strategies.

A great place to start...

Wealthy Affiliate
Evergreen KEYWORD Profits

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

BRIEF: Profiting from the evergreen and proven Wealthy Affiliate keyword research and content generation method.
Done right and I'll attract highly targeted visitors at no cost (though content creation takes time).

  • Low cost (website & hosting). 
  • Allows for the addition of lead generation and email marketing strategies.
  • Potential for scaling up using paid traffic once you're content is proven to convert.

A logical second step or starting point if you're committed.

Four Percent Challenge Case Study

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

BRIEF: Four Percent Challenge is a new program to hit the market. It's higher risk as the program is not yet finished! The potential upside is large though as this program is potentially showing us how to earn 7 figures!

  • Will need funding for the training, tools and services required to follow this business model.
  • This training is about building your own branding and using the most effective of marketing systems to scale your business fast.
  • This program is going to push me way beyond my comfort zone and areas of experience ...yikes!

Super interesting I can't wait...

Four Percent Challenge On A Tight Budget

BRIEF: Susanne is also going to follow the Four Percent Challenge but by using the minimum of paid services...

It should work fine but will require extra work on Susannes part to find free or low cost alternatives to the tools and services recommended in the program.

  • Would need $49 /mo to follow the training and apply to your own market / business.
  • Susanne is going to work with $140 /mo budget to include advertising, training and all tools and services.
  • I imagine Susanne will have to re-invest profits in order to extend her budget as she progresses.

Good luck Susanne...

So please pick the case studies that interest you and follow along with progress.

Both Susanne and I work full time and anticipate updates every couple of weeks so we can share the actions taken and the results .

As you're on our joint email list we'll send emails to notify you of updates and tag which case-study in the subject line of the emails.

How To Succeed At Anything...

At the time of creating this case-study 'menu' both Susanne and I have been following the Four Percent Challenge.

This is the only program I've ever followed which embeds mindset conditioning work every day.

For us this has been life-changing. To the extent I wanted to create a post that explains it further in a way that can be applied to ANY goal you may have click here to read the post...

Tony Robbins offers us his ultimate success formula and suggests that if we have a specific goal our best course of action is to find somebody who's already done what we're trying to do and copy them.

For me this translates into...

M M A R R R   -  Mindset. Mentor. Action. Result. Revise. Repeat.

Before starting out on your journey to your goal you must realise that your path WILL include challenges and roadblocks some of which may appear impassable. EXPECT this. Look forward to these challenges. Your biggest obstacles become your biggest assets. The ONLY way to get through these obstacles is with a calm, patient, persistent... MINDSET.

Picking the right MENTOR becomes your key because through your mentor you get your map of the journey.

By map I mean the step by step ACTIONs you must take to get where you want to go.

You take the actions and it's a law that you'll then get RESULTS (they won't all be good btw)...

Results can be good, bad, or average. Therefore you'll need to assess your actions and results with your calm, patient mind with view to making possible REVISIONS to the actions before you REPEAT them.

As Tony Robbins tells us you have to keep on revising and repeating until you find YOUR way...

Which leads us nicely too...

Daily Actions

This chapter is going to be short 'n sweet.

Your mentor / product you're following will outline the actions that need to be taken.

Fitting this stuff into a busy life isn't always easy...

As an example here's my daily action structure that I try to stick to. Obviously modify to suit...

Where Here To Help...

If you have any questions please either...

And you can always reply to any of our emails.

"You've got this"...

Susanne & Richard 🙂

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