How You Can 
Make Money Online?

Through SYSTEMS That
Do Most Of The Marketing Work For You...


My name is Richard Penfold (pictured with my daughter Rebecca and wife Susanne) and I'd like to show you how you can earn money online part-time too.

Nothing to buy ... no strings attached.

The goal of this business is to build a legit growing monthly affiliate income to create the financial foundation to support whatever you want.

What would your financial foundation support?

Car or home payments?

"Just a little extra to take the heat off"

Or ditching the job to spend more time ___________ ?

This is a 'lifestyle' business model meaning it can be worked successfully very part-time.

The reason?

Because it leverages 'proven systems' to do most  (not all) of the hard work.

Freeing you to focus on the ONE TASK required to make the system work...

Showing it to people.

The simplicity is the key to success.

Show people the 'right' system and Earn Money.

The more people you show the more money you earn.

Obviously the system has to really HELP PEOPLE...

Be legit, evergreen... PROVEN.

Brief backstory...

In a nutshell ...I sucked at making money online until I was introduced to the power of 'systems' by my mentor...

Marketing systems to be specific.  Also known as 'funnels'.

Because they funnel people through a sequence of educational, inspiring, and motivational information that take them on a journey towards their desired outcome...

A RESULT they want.

In my case to build dependable monthly income 🙂

Funnels and systems are proven to help people achieve results way beyond their skill and experience levels.

Which is why this is ideal for beginners and people that have never achieved the results they deserve.

I used to work for top tier consulting firms recruiting junior consultants into their business. These firms could charge their clients a lot of money for these bright but very young people... BUT ONLY once they had learned the company 'methodology' ... the SYSTEM.

Clients where happy to pay because they knew the methodology (system) worked even though the people delivering it often lacked experience.

Methodology, process, routine, system...

Whatever name you give it you must arm yourself with a PROVEN one.

Combine a marketing system or funnel with a product or service proven to get people the results they want and you have your vehicle to take you to SUCCESS.

So if you've picked a GREAT company to promote as an affiliate...

Your referrals will have the opportunity to climb the value ladder as they see the positive results from each level of product and service they use.

Clearly not all of your referrals will buy and use anything beyond the initial offer...

That's fine.

But over time people will climb the ladder (provided the products and services deliver on their promises).

This is one of the critical concepts Russells consulting clients learn.

Here's the thing...

Most of the great companies that use this business approach DON'T share these backend profits with their affiliates...

Which SUCKS! 🙁

... But a very few do 🙂

Want more?

In Russell's other great book "Expert Secrets" Russell shares the concept of the 'Charismatic Leader' with a worthy cause and a new vehicle to take people there...

These are people with a polarising personality & message...

They attract 'some' people very, very strongly.

And repel others just as strongly.

Russell's personal cause was to help growing businesses avoid the need for venture capital funding by using Russells unique at the time software & consulting services to self-fund their growth. 

This approach was off the planet successful.

But ONLY attracted his dream customers...

Businesses he knew he could help.

Expert Secrets has some fascinating examples from all walks of life to illustrate this power.

For affiliate marketers finding a company with...

  1. PROVEN products and services that share their value ladder and
  2. have a charismatic leader with a desirable 'cause' and
  3. new vehicle for achieving it... ​

Is the Nevanna...

It's my opinion that if you can find one you'll make money promoting it.

These programs are what I call Ultimate Affiliate Programs...

And they're really hard to find!

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