Promoting 'ULTIMATE' Affiliate Programs...

Program MAKE An Average Affiliate BETTER?

The Money Is In The Backend...

Backend sales are not the upsells or downsells that often accompany the initial sales process.

Backend sales refer to sales that may occur weeks, months, or even years after the initial sale.

It's where the BIG MONEY is (great article on backend sales here...).

Affiliates rarely if ever get a sniff of this action.

It is my theory that a very average affiliate (me) can profit big time if I can find and promote one of these beasts?

I call them 'Ultimate Affiliate Programs' because of this backend profit power.

This page is not about finding these elusive creatures it's about what you do with them when you have...

Combine an ULTIMATE Affiliate Program 

An Ordinary Affiliate And

A Smart Marketing Strategy And

What Do You Have?...

I hope to prove...

Life changing success!

And please feel free to model / copy whatever you like 🙂

Quick Recap:-

My OUTCOME or reason for doing all this is to build a PASSIVE AFFILIATE BUSINESS that frees Susanne and my TIME and provides the funding to support our dream lifestyle.

The promotion STRATEGY I'm using is taken from my mentor Vick Strizheus. I've taken it and adapted it to suite ME and my CIRCUMSTANCES (time, money, skills, challenges) & GOAL. It's based on simply SHOWING & SHARING what works for me.

I've called it Smart Marketing because all the key elements can also be a/b split tested. Meaning that this sequence of content will improve over time and become more profitable.

Here's what Smart Marketing for Affiliates looks like...

Smart Marketing for Affiliate Marketers

Here's how it works...

I've been searching for the best way to build passive affiliate income streams and finally found a product that I believe gives affiliates an edge.

My mentor taught me that to build a solid affiliate business you have to stand out from the crowd and really help people (BUILD YOU)...

It's about creating an a UNIQUE OFFER that you use to attract your target audience, before helping them by simply showing & sharing what, why, how, how much etc.

Helping is KEY, it builds trust. 

Or, to put it another way...

The Ultimate Affiliate Program is my unique offer.... the rebranding of a real product for the purpose of allowing me to stand apart from other affiliates that might be promoting the same program.

I add value by SHOWING and SHARING how I use the original product to achieve my OUTCOME so that others can see the pros & cons and decide if this may be right for them too.

I call this approach Smart Marketing because it builds me, is easy to implement, and allows me to test and improve the key messaging over time. Meaning this system becomes more profitable as I better understand my audience.

Currently there are two main entry points to my passive affiliate income building business.

This website or blog which attracts people freely from search engines.

And my very simple 'funnel'.

A funnel in its simplest form is a sequence of information or 'content' that in my case helps people interested in building passive affiliate income.

Funnels are different from other methods of publishing content as they are designed to be quickly built and test all the key marketing elements. headlines, sub-headlines, copy, video, imagery etc etc. Without the distractions of navigation and other stuff.

They can be super complex tho.

I just want to test the most impactful elements... ideas, headlines, copy or video.

My funnel is built using this WordPress Website to save me the cost and added complexity of using specialized funnel building software.


So I created a very simple short copy landing page to be used with solo ad traffic. This is a fast traffic source that I thought would give me some quick feedback on my Ultimate Affiliate Program idea and set up.

I created  a couple of page variations to test using Thrive Architect and published them on my website. 

The tracking and a/b split testing is handled by Clickmagick.

I use this approach as a low cost alternative to funnel building software such as Clickfunnels.

So far the winning page variation looks like...

Ultimate Affiliate Program short copy squeeze page for solo ad traffic

Clicking to find out more opens a pop up window that states my promise.

If people opt in they are taken to the thank you page which educates them on what to look for in an 'ultimate' affiliate program and gives them options to evaluate various entry points to the program I'm using.

These entry points illustrate the value this program provides in terms of a free training course example, a free video training example, and the primary premium training course itself.

All these links contain my affiliate ID and therefore a chance to make sales and earn affiliate commission.

Quick Review

I created my unique branding idea to test - 'The Ultimate Affiliate Program'

Built 2 landing page variations to split test with solo ad traffic.

Have started building my email subscriber list.

Added my retargeting pixel to these pages to build a remarketing audience that I can cost effectively market to further down the road.

I also modified my website to reflect these key messages.

That's it so far...

Early test Results:-

Solo traffic went very well with high opt-in rate and 2 sales (profitable out the gate!) ...I'm very encouraged.

I'll link to a more detailed results post later, but for now I wanted share a test on a second fast traffic source...

Enter Bing PPC.

Ultimate Affiliate Program

Bing PPC Landing Page

Having seen the solo traffic perform well I wanted to test a different traffic source, pay per click...

Specifically Bing first then Google to follow.

I feel that the short copy 'squeeze' style of landing page will give Google in particular problems so I decided to add more content to the page.

I added an additional content section that explains what an Ultimate Affiliate Program is.

I figured it would be acceptable to Bing and Google and also filter out people that are not as interested in the topic.

The section I added looks like this (clicking on the image will take you to the page in a new tab).

This content reinforces the benefits of the ultimate affiliate program I'm recommending

I should also split test this, possibly with a more image based module, but I was in a hurry to see if there would be any advertising issues with Bing and if it converted.

And no there were no issues with Bing and yes it has. 2 more sales but a much lower email subscriber rate which was expected.

If you'd like to see a more detail review of these early results please click here...

Conclusion (so far)

I've still got lots of work to build my core content and sequence it with my email subscribers and retargeting campaigns (will be starting shortly), but I hope you can see the potential here.

Once I polish some of the rough edges this system will be earning me frontend, backend, and recurring affiliate commissions from multiple independent companies!

And all I'm doing is leveraging an Ultimate Affiliate Program and showing and sharing how!

All I have to do going forward is keep testing and stacking new traffic sources until I reach my goal.

That's the theory.

If you'd like to keep track of my progress please optin to the Ultimate Affiliate Program here. The email sequence will update you on progress both good and bad...

Or my Case Study here...

You must have some questions 🙂

Asking them will help everybody. 

Please fire away in the comments...



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