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Book cover image Work The System by Sam Carpneter

Whilst on holiday this year I read the book "Work The System" by Sam Carpenter.

​The premise is that everything in life is a system / process, and that by noting this fact and taking the trouble to identify the steps you take...

You'll improve them...

Quite a lot.

Creating a successful website based business is a system / process / series of steps.

By documenting my ​steps in precise detail and refining them over time I'm starting to see improving results.

I believe this approach will enable me to faster scale my profits.

By sharing this stuff I hope it could also help you too.​

It's not necessary for you to read the book for this to make sense. I also believe this approach will work in any niche.

​Taking this approach has enabled me to strip away the fat leaving me a simple system from which I can build...

You're also looking at it​...

Yes, this website combined with two other elements are my simple system that earns me money with or without any daily input from me...

A simple system I can continue to build over time.​

​I'm very much a student of this online marketing stuff... earning as I learn.

​I've called it my 'Lifetime Value Subscriber Funnel' because I would like to learn how to provide lifetime value to people that subscribe to my stuff.

It's an aspiration, a work in progress.

It looks like this...​

Lifetime Value Subscriber Funnel

I've used the word 'lifetime' to remind myself that this business I'm growing can last for the rest of my life (and can even be passed on)...

and 'Value' so I never lose sight that it's success depends on my adding value for people.

As my experience and skills increase so will the 'subscriber value' I'll be able to share.

Value is anything that helps people. This maybe as simple as the recommendation of a good product to more detailed instructions on how best to use a product to achieve a desired outcome.

Money is the by-product of delivering value to website visitors and subscribers.

The image above is a diagram of my 'email' system. When I started I didn't collect email addresses. Preferring the simplest system possible (see below).

But adding email marketing has really amplified my business.

I'll explain all the parts before showing you the simplest system I actually started with.


1. At the top of the funnel I pour in targeted traffic. For me this starts with Pay Per Click (PPC) Traffic from Bing. I start with PPC traffic because it's instant. ​

I'm careful to track results so I can weed out the losing ads and keywords.

Note: Because my website is now 'established' I can also get FREE visitors from search engines. Search Engine Optimization (the term given to tailoring content to attract visitors from search engines) is in its basic form an easily learned skill that's worth employing.

Because SEO is not an exact science I view this traffic as a nice to have bonus.

Once you have an optimised PPC campaign you have a very predictable profit stream.

One that may last for years!

If you're just starting out I would suggest mastering one traffic method at a time.

If you have more time than money I'd suggest learning SEO. If more money than time Bing Pay Per Click is a great place to start.

My strategy is to start with the FASTEST and easiest PROFITABLE low-hanging fruit traffic sources before adding more once I have my funnel tested and working 🙂

2. Website / Funnel.

In my diagram I've shown this element as a website or funnel. And because of the plugins I use this site can function as either.

A funnel differs from a website or blog in that it usually has far fewer distractions (navigation, sidebars ect) than a website and because it has conversion boosting functions such as split testing.

The number one goal of this website is to provide free helpful content that builds trust and encourages people to join my email list.

Building an email list and adding value is a fantastic AMPLIFIER for business success, and can be for your business too.

4. Email lists...

A responsive email list is a very valuable business asset. 

I'm far from an expert on the subject, but do believe that the more skills I learn and share the more value I can be to subscribers.

Email marketing is a real amplifier for any business, the automation and leverage it provides make it a must do activity for most business models.

5. Value Led Marketing Messages. 

This refers to the key content I want to share with my visitors / subscribers. This content can be repurposed and used in blog posts, emails, video, pdf ect. 

Also this content doesn't all have to be created by me, I will also curate the best content from other sources if I feel it will help people. 

6. Pick a proven products that work. 

Ok, they're all the building blocks. But I always start simple...

The above diagram is my simplest starter system. 

1. Search engine traffic. I personally start with Bing PPC (Bing are easier to work with than Google IMO). 

It doesn't take much extra effort to optimize my content for search engines, and usually get what I consider to be free bonus traffic as a result.

2. Website. 

This is a simple recipe...

1. pick a good product(s)

2. build an email list of people interested in that product(s)

3. add value through your email follow up sequence

4. lifetime (long term) affiliate commissions... yey 🙂

Example time...

Example: Profitable ​Affiliate Promotion

It makes sense that Wealthy Affiliate is my example because it's the primary product I promote from this site.

Here's what it looks like...

here's what the funnel looks like when product focused

​1. Bing PPC Wealthy Affiliate product keywords for example "Wealthy Affiliate Review" Bing Phrase Match.

2. Send Visitors to my Wealthy Affiliate review page. with the option to gain email subscribers through both the pop up or the WA bonus material I offer. 

3. Provide value for people interested in WA​ / making extra online by sharing what genuinely helps me in my online business.

4. The combination of a great product and additional value results in a steady flow of affiliate commissions​

​There is also plenty of scope to extend this model through:-

  • Additional WA PRODUCT Keywords
  • Outcome focused keywords - "learn affiliate marketing" "how to make money with Amazon" etc etc...
  • Alternate products to review (good and bad)
  • Alternate traffic sources
  • Split testing to continuously improve conversion performance

​For me the highlights of this system are:-

  • It's a fast start - see sales and profits within a month and benefit from the motivation that brings
  • Pick Evergreen quality products and this business can run profitably on autopilot
  • Once you understand your key metrics is possible to increase investment in traffic safely and profitably

​The negatives...

  • You need a minimum $20 per month for PPC (traffic)
  • It's not easy to find really great products to promote

If you're interested in going deeper into what works for me I'd be delighted to share.

Clicking the button below will enable you to join my 'Lifetime Value' Newsletter, which is focused on setting up the above type of profit systems.

WARNING: This content won't be for everyone, it's going to focus on automation and leverage, the stuff I do once that pays me on an ongoing basis.

Topics will include paid traffic sources, retargeting (haven't even done any yet), finding GREAT products to promote (so important), email marketing, adding value and doing all this in a few hours per week...

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