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Summary:  Each of the above gets a recommendation dependant on your specific circumstance...

Just want a website hosted at the best price - Go HOSTGATOR​

Know your business will need to build a strong relationship with visitors (lead capture + email marketing) - INSTY.ME


Long-term WA 'premium' member -  WEALTHY AFFILIATE


If you're going to have a business presence online you're going to need a hosting service provider.

But which one?

There must be literally thousands to choose from, and they all offer very similar services.

So how do you choose?



Value Added Services?​

So, unless you expect server-melting traffic (20,000 visitors a day plus - source info here) you won't need anything more than shared hosting to start with.

So What Is Shared Hosting?​

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Unless your business has very unusual requirements shared hosting is going to do just fine.

It's super reliable and fantastic value for money with costings as low as a few bucks per month.

Seriously some people run 6 figure business off the back of ​$3 hosting and a $15 domain name!

Try doing that offline.​

What's The Best Shared Hosting Provider?​

In my experience, I've used Bluehost, Hostgator, Wealthy Affiliate's hosting services and most recently Insty.me.

Hostgator is my recommended 'basic' shared hosting provider. Reliable with good customer service, and obviously super value.


My only issue with Hostgator is security. I had a few sites hacked, and personally, I felt that they could have done more to help other than just recommend their security partner.

Don't let that put you off, as I really should have done a lot more myself to ensure my sites security (great WordPress security article here.)​

My most important sites are now hosted with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate does not sell shared hosting as a standalone service, but as part of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership.

WA hosting is by far the most secure hosting I've ever used. The compromise is that WA doesn't provide Cpanel access like most shared hosting providers.


This means that on the rare occasion I want to do something or install a plugin that does something that may affect security, I have to get the support team at WA to set it up for me.

WA support has always turned these requests around within the day, and personally, I'm more than happy to put up with a small time delay in return for better security.

I actually had no idea just how good WA's hosting was until I first got hacked.​

Would I recommend somebody join WA Premium just to access the hosting?

Probably not, but definitely if you're an affiliate marketer (and can promote WA profitably), or if you would also benefit from the training WA provides within the membership.

What The Hell Is Insty.me 'EXTENDED' Shared Hosting Service?


As a topic shared hosting is... dry... no, it's DULL.

Like comparing utility providers.

Though the tech behind the shared hosting will have progressed massively, it's still very boring to talk about (IMO :).

All the providers do pretty much the same thing...


Insty.me and their extended shared hosting.​

Many businesses online will need a website, lead capture process, and automated marketing (email system)​.

All of which are separate services... WHY?

Well Insty.me thought that too, and hit the market with their Business orientated hosting. A hosting service that gives your business everything it needs out the gate.

I don't need any more hosting, or lead capture, or email marketing system, I'm very happy with the services I use.

But as an affiliate marketer, I'm always looking out for great products to promote.

And I think Insty.me is exactly that, a currently unique quality product that can help others and make me money.

So in summary, I believe Insty.me is the best shared hosting provider for small business...


Follow the links below to find out more about shared hosting providers.​

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