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​​​​Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Building A 
Income Business...

By plugging into 'done-for-you' AFFILIATE SYSTEMS

that do the heavy lifting for you...


My name is Richard Penfold and I've built a business that helps people PROFITABLY plug into done for them affiliate systems so that they can profit quickly following set up.

If you're looking for a scalable additional income source requiring little risk / investment this might be for you?​​

This page is about showing you how this works with no strings attached...

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

In a nutshell ...I sucked at affiliate marketing until I was introduced to the power of 'systems'...

Marketing systems to be specific. 

A sequence of educational, inspiring, and motivational information that takes people on a journey towards their desired outcome...

A RESULT they want ... a lot!

These marketing systems are also known as sales funnels.

Powered by the Internet and modern tech sales funnels are the most potent way to turn people 'interested' in a topic into rabid buyers of products PROVEN to deliver RESULTS...

What follows is a series of screenshots taken from some of my affiliate dashboards to show the power of using a proven system.

All i did was send traffic to ONE of the system...

Screenshot of my Clickfunnels affiliate back office
Another Four Percent Success Challenge Multiple Stream of Income ...Clickmagick

The systems do the telling and selling for me.

Anybody can do this.

Want to see the 'systems' that I plug into?