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How to get started on the right foot with affiliate marketing

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The Penfold family as was

The Secret of SUCCESS...

I've read a lot of self development books over the last 10 years, Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins being two of my favorites.

And would credit them with helping me to improve just about every aspect of my life.

Recently I was introduced to the work of Earl Nightingale.

The video (audio with a picture) is of his "strangest Secret". I love it, and listen to it most days​ and would credit it with supercharging my idea creation and confidence.

I hope it may do the same for you...​


If you think daily about your goal and take consistent action towards it's achievement - YOU CANNOT FAIL!

It's a law of nature; like gravity...

Just about every successful person I've read about suggests that the greatest battles we fight are between our own ears.

So do yourself a favour and create a goal or purpose great enough to power you through adversity, because the journey is rarely all plain sailing.

Creating the correct mindset is key to your success in ANY challenge you undertake... including creating success online.

So let's consider the best proven vehicle (strategy / plan / clear set of actions) for taking beginners from zero to successful...​

The Vehicle For Success

There are many different strategies or business plans (I like to think of them as vehicles) that claim to offer the fastest A to B performance (start to success)...

Beating the affiliate marketing grind from point A to point B

So how do we know which is best for us?

Unless we have a friend who's an expert and knows our own strengths and weaknesses​, the likelihood is we're going to gave to take some sort of leap of faith...


But we can dramatically improve our chances of success by researching proven methods, and cross checking with social media for success / failure stories (the Internet allows few secrets).​

But even though others may succeed with a method doesn't guarantee your success, we're all different and you will need to find a vehicle that suits you're abilities, budget, available time, whilst hopefully being something your passionate about so you can stick with it for the long-haul.

Be very wary of anything that promises fast results!​

A Proven 'EVERGREEN' Vehicle For Success...​

Evergreen: something that's going to be around for the foreseeable future...

​I'm going to call it Attraction Marketing though it's also called niche, blog, or content marketing.

You create / collate content that you love, that inspires, interests, and motivates you on a website that you own (more on this later). 

The idea being that this content will also inspire and interest others as well.

​There are many ways to earn from the audience you attract and help / entertain:-

  • Sell advertising space on your website Google Adsense is a very good program
  • Earn commissions by promoting other peoples products (affiliate marketing) 
  • Sell your own products or services
  • Sell physical products (e-commerce)
  • A mixture of some or even all the above

​A website is an asset.

And starting a website based business is one of the lowest risk, low cost, proven business models available today.

But will starting a website be right for you?

Until you try it I doubt you'll know.

The good news is you can try it out for free.

Get Started For FREE...

​I joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) because it had been established for over 10 years with a very good reputation (hype free) and lot's of REAL success stories.

Offering two 100% free websites and video training gave me everything I needed to test out the system and decide if it was right for me.​

If you want to read my detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate click here, other wise I would sum up WA by saying that WA works because they've refined the training (over 11 years at time of writing), and they provide a 'community' that provides, advice, support and motivation to help people take the right actions.

So to claim you free membership simply click here...​

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