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Though Four Percent Group no longer have a free membership option providing lots of FREE training is a cornerstone of their brand.

It's opening with a bang with lot's of free 'traffic' training as a precursor to the public launch of Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM).

Internet Traffic Mastery is being positioned as the ultimate evergreen traffic training program for online business owners.

This page is going to be a index of what I feel is the best of this free training...

I own ITM and can honestly say it's a monster.

You've got to remember that Vick's Four Percent Challenge is going to show the building of a multi-million dollar business. Which in traffic terms means the biggest of traffic generation campaigns.

What I love about ITM is that is matches strategies with scope of my business. Meaning as my business and skills grow I can harness more advanced advertising tactics.

It won't be cheap. 

Don't let that put you off, because the sales strategy for ITM is to demonstrate the quality of the training via the free information provided.

Meaning even if you've no intention of ever buying ITM you'll get premium quality training for FREE.

The sequence is going to be a short series of informal video presentations leading to a FREE video training program called "Mass Traffic Blueprint"

If you just want to get the FREE "Mass Traffic Blueprint" click here and click the sign up for VIP Free access to Mass Traffic Blueprint...

Series Video 1 - 7 Figure Traffic Strategies For 2018

In this Vick Strizheus explains the 3 pillars of a successful business


Series Video 2 - 3 Things You Must Do To Earn Your First $100k (THIS YEAR)

​My personal favorite of the three. This video reveals why most people that try something out of their comfort zone Fail.

This is deep life changing information that relates to any topic, though Vick is applying it to business.


Attention Marketing what you must know

Series Video ​3 - ​What Everyone Ought To Know About Traffic

​What 96% of marketers think about traffic generation is 100% WRONG!

Vick backs up this bold statement with survey results and the way we should think about traffic...


Vick gives us 5 steps to super human success

Series Video 4 - How To Become ExtraOrdinary

Vick gives us 5 steps to super human success...

Understanding traffic generation is important but its far from the first step...


Series Video 5 - How To Become A Marketing Powerhouse

Vick serving up entertainment, crazy, and insight...

If you're interested in just dabbling on-line best avoid this...


Vick Strizheus shows us how to sell anything you want online

Series Video 5 - How To Make Money Selling Anything You Want Online

My personal favorite of this series. I would advise EVERYONE with or interested in setting up online to watch this...

This is a very important video.


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