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My Four Percent Challenge recent results...

#31 on the Four Percent Challenge Competition leaderboard ...yay 🙂

Never made a leaderboard before  ...thanks Vick.

My Four Percent Challenge Clickbank results - recorded sales for Four Percent Group products

And here are the numbers in cash (Clickbank screen capture).

My Secret To Success...

The Four Percent Challenge (FPC) is Vick Strizheus reliving his journey for OUR BENEFIT from introverted Ukrainian immigrant with English as his 3rd language (Vicks words not mine) to huge success.

Copying Vick as best I can with my resources has been the secret.

Vick tells us that success is 80% mindset. The embedded mindset conditioning within FPC is helping me massively (ideas, confidence, structure, ATTITUDE)

As an anagram it looks like...



The mindset work Vick went through himself when first starting out is life-changing.

If you combine the right mindset / attitude a good MENTOR (can plug any proven mentor in at this point) implement the ACTION plan they provide you'll get RESULTS. 

You'll need to REVIEW the results and revise the actions if needed. REPEAT the actions, results, review, and repeat process until you hit your goal.

Then create a bigger goal and start again.

I said copying Vick as best I can with my resources has been the secret...

My journey following Vicks training is likely to be a little slower than Vicks current day Challenge. 

BUT remember Vicks current experience and resources has been earned over 12 years.

If I were to summarise the Four Percent Challenge Phase 1 training I would say it's about...

  1. Developing the attitude and confidence to implement the training. Done through ongoing daily mindset conditioning.
  2. Creating a UNIQUE to your personality, skills and resources BRAND in your market. Done in sequence with Vicks FPC training.
  3. Developing and testing your unique VALUE LED MESSAGING across your website, social media and email. It's critical that this CONVERTS PROFITABLY before SCALING with paid advertising. Again done in sequence with Vicks training but in reality will not follow a daily plan. 
  4. Once you have a PROFITABLE core message that adds value for people TEST new traffic sources one at a time. The paid traffic plan as taught by Vick in Internet Traffic Mastery is perfect for everyone who already has a proven 'business'.

So for me and Susanne this has been about developing our 'case-study' branding idea...

Testing and tweaking the messaging that goes with it.

Trying to simplify it to make it more helpful and actionable...

Whilst ensuring it CONVERTS.

This takes time and money if you're using paid advertising.

For those on a really tight budget I would suggest prioritising completing the Four Percent Challenge as that is your map and instructions.

Delay buying any expensive tools services or training you can't afford. The mindset training is about being creative when facing challenges. There are free or low cost options for every step of the challenge that can 'get you by' until you've earned the money to reinvest. IMO. 

Why not earn and pay for E-Stage and ITM from profits. It can be done. 

Maybe that's how it should be done? 

What's Next...

Our short term goal (by 1st June 21018) is to have created one 'automated online monthly recurring profit system promoting the Four Percent Challenge.

This is to comprise of one paid traffic source complete with all messaging (website and email) and tracking to prove profitability.

To date We've tested a number of paid traffic sources, one free traffic source (search engine optimization) and a mix of messaging that I feel is a bit of a mess.

It's showing some good results, but I've made mistakes in implementation that I'm now correcting (100% my fault - went off plan).

Till next time 

Richard 🙂

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Testing what works online. Sharing the stuff that works and flagging the stuff the doesn't. Model the good stuff avoid the rest...

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