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Hoe to set build a list of email subscribers who are interested in what you have to offer

Email Marketing Is A Business Amplifier...

I'm very much a student, and not a very good one!

But even I PROFIT from what email marketing adds to my business.​

I don't like the idea of regrets, but I do wish I'd started building an email list way sooner than I did.​

And I would urge everyone starting an online business to add email marketing SOONER rather than later. ​


Because It gives you a chance to build a better RELATIONSHIP with people, and if that includes helping them...

And if you're an affiliate marketer, helping people naturally leads to affiliate commissions... like day follows night.

Another great thing about email marketing is that huge swathes of the work can be done once and leveraged time and time again...


How To Get Started With Email Marketing​

Email marketing requires the following...


You need to know what you're subscribers want and how you can give it to them.

Lead Capture.

Ways to gain the email addresses of your site visitors.​

An Autoresponder Service.​ 

A tool for managing your email subscribers and the messages you want to send to them.