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To be clear I'm PROMISING to show you the marketing system I use to earn money online.

No strings attached.

I hope I've convinced you of the power a good marketing system can provide.

However, like an engine is no good without fuel a marketing system is no good unless people see it...

This is our number 1 specific task we HAVE to do to earn money...

Richard Penfold taking the Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

HOW We Get People To See Our System

In marketing speak this is called driving 'traffic'.

It's the fuel for your marketing engine.

You get it by either spending time, money, or both.

Done right it's profitable either way...

The system I'm going to share with you shows you both ways you can drive traffic (free but takes time and paid which is fast).

I mentioned 3 specific tasks we have to do daily to make our system work...

Driving traffic is the ONLY must do. 

I would advise doing 2 other tasks...

2. Sharing content with people that have subscribed to your system by email. Content that keeps them engaged (educated, inspired and motivated) with the system. This is as easy as sending and email and posting on social media. As I say optional but advised.

3. Measuring 3 things, the number of visitors you send to your system, the cost per lead / prospect (email subscribers the system collects) and the sales that your system makes for you. Again this is optional but advised because what we measure and focus on we tend to succeed.

All of this can be done in an hours focussed action.

If you have time can you do more?


The more traffic you send the more money your system will make for you.

The question I had when I got to this point was

Does this cost anything?

And can I do it?

Yes, two questions lol.

You can start at ZERO cost. Remember a good system offers a free / low risk way of letting people prove it for themselves...

But can you do it?

I'd guess so, but you'll have to prove it by testing it.

Here's what I'd suggest...

1. Click the button below to be taken to the page that gives the free software solution away that starts the system.

2. Add you name and email to gain membership.

3. Follow the instructions... it's a system that will walk you through the process.

Carry on reading to see the 'process'

Test this system for yourself means go through it and experience each stage...

The button above takes you to the page where you add your email address to start the process.

Here's a screen grab of that page...

Access to your free Lead System will be delivered to your email inbox.

You'll be redirected to a page that gives you the opportunity to upgrade to Lead Lightning for a one time payment of $7

This is great value and I highly recommend this option because it gives you a chance to earn $6 by promoting this system on top of any other business you may want to promote.

It's a complete business in a box for $7!

The page looks like...

If you don't upgrade from your Free System, your login details will be in your inbox...

So at this point you now have everything you need to earn money by giving away the free lead system.

You also have access to a ton of great marketing training which will get you earning money quickly if you implement it.

Good luck 🙂


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