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Can You Import CLIQLY Subscribers Into GetResponse?

WARNING!  As Bobby warned exporting my Cliqly Openers into GetResponse has caught the attention of their compliance team. Resulting in my account currently being suspended. So please ignore the rest of this page until I can resolve this issue.

UPDATE August 2023: GetResponse have declined to let me import my Cliqly Openers because they are considered not to be acceptable quality...

So I will not be exporting my Cliqly Openers to any other Email service from now on.

Please read about my GetResponse Account suspension here >>

Updated July 2023:

I cancelled my Active Campaign account because they put their prices up quite a lot and changed their affiliate conditions. Meaning AC became non profitable for me.

Now I export all my Cliqly subscribers / openers into GetResponse

I'm 'testing' the basic GetResponse service without automation's because this keeps cost down, but does require a little more manual input to manage my account. 

Why Export Your Cliqly List To Another Email Service?

Control. You can manage your email list however you wish, and promote whatever offers you want, sending as many emails as you want.

You CANNOT mail your Cliqly 10c link.

The DOWNSIDE to a service like GetResponse is they charge by list size. Meaning managing a HUGE LIST like your Cliqly list probably WON'T be viable.

You'll need to only keep the most engaged subscribers.

Why Not Use Cliqly's own My Inbox Pro Service?

I tested My Inbox Pro a while back, before the Cliqly Affiliate Program and Free Trial offer. I stopped using it because at that time it wasn't profitable for me promoting ONLY the 10c link.

I should really test it again.

The Business Idea Behind This:

The Cliqly list is made up of real people interested in a BROAD range of make money ideas. I believe the Cliqly Email Business offer will be a good one to show these people, as it's free to try, simple to do, and works.

I believe this case study can help people decide if they should try Cliqly, and therefore is an ideal affiliate vehicle.

In a nutshell - export Cliqly List - show them this case study - delete everyone that isn't engaged - hope enough people take up Cliqly to cover cost and make a profit.

Issue: I cannot accurately track. I'm going to have to keep costs low and use gut feel (really bad marketing  I know) 🙂

Exporting Your Cliqly Openers List

Your subscribers are divided into 'openers'. The people that opened an email in Cliqly List Building to move onto your list. 'Clickers' are the people that have clicked on a link in the Cliqly List Building emails you sent them.

Here is the process I follow:

  • Export all openers and put them in a list in GetResponse (labelled 'Cliqly' - yes, no imagination)
  • This sends them 3 days of Autoresponder Emails automatically (3 emails per day)
  • I Delete everybody that hasn't opened one of these emails and move the ones that have into a list called 'Cliqly Openers' which I continue to send Cliqly Case Study info to.

This enables me to keep GetResponse cost low ($22 per month for 2,500 engaged subs). If you're wondering what it costs to keep a bigger list in GetResponse (there are other price points, but I wanted to make a point)...

Here's where you find your Cliqly Openers List...

Your subscribers are divided into 'openers'. The people that opened an email in Cliqly List Building to move onto your list. 'Clickers' are the people that have clicked on the 10c link within the list building email.

I copy all my 'Openers'

Below is a screen grab example...

Next you click on the Downloads tab.

Which opens a page listing all your download files...

Pick the one you want.

Which opens a pop up of your file so you can copy the subscribers so you can import them into the Email Service Provider of your choice.

Now you paste your subscribers into the Email Service of your choice.

I've tested this with 2 services GetResponse and Active Campaign. But only use GetResponse now.


I've already created an Autoresponder series of messages in GetResponse (a topic for another post).

So I make sure I tick the box to add them to an autoresponder cycle.

Select the method of Import - Paste from File - which will open a box which you paste into.

Tick a box saying you have permission to import them (you do have this permission from Cliqly Openers)

And press the Blue Import button...


GetResponse can tell from the data the email address, but it will ask you what the second column is - It's your Cliqly Openers first name - select that then click the Blue Import Button  - done.


So with all your new openers / subscribers imported.

The GetResponse autoresponder sequence will start...


If you want to test GetResponse free of charge, you can as they give you a free account for up to 500 subscribers.

Click here to join GetResponse for free >>