​​​​Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Can I Turn $7
Into A New Car For
My Wife?

So this idea was sparked creating this post on vulnerability...

I feel pretty vulnerable about being able to do this.

Especially as I want to use YouTube as the traffic source.

I've been putting off using YouTube for years for fear of putting myself out there.

So that being said here's the plan...


1. Find a great value high demand PRODUCT that I can promote and earn commission from.

2. A product that comes with it's own marketing SYSTEM so I only have to concentrate on finding people who'll benefit from it.

3. Take daily actions that will send people to see the products marketing system and potentially earn me money.

The product I've selected is Lead Lightning. Because it costs $7 one time, and gives business owners a viral lead generation service and an ability to earn $6 should per sale should they opt to promote it.

This for me is a great product for anyone looking to promote their brick and mortar, affiliate, network marketing, MLM, or any other type of business on a tight budget.

The marketing system is the key...

It captures leads as you'd imagine, but it also automatically follows up with those leads providing free training on both the product and traffic generation strategies.

So this really is a complete business in a box for $7!

If this wasn't enough (it is) there is also a vibrant Facebook community and weekly live events.

Lead Lightning provides great training on free traffic generation strategies.

Specifically using Facebook and YouTube.

I'm going to embrace my vulnerability by using the free YouTube strategy to attract visitors to the marketing system.

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Case Study

I'll be adding my YouTube Video posts here to show how I'll create the video's using free tools according to the free Lead Lightning YouTube training...