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Turn Productive Actions Into Success HABITS...

Since reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill about 10 years ago I've been interested in the whole idea that people become what they consistently think about.

And as I update this page (Feb 2018) and review my previous ideas (further down this page) I realize that I've yet to master the skill of focusing my attention for anything longer than a few minutes (:

I've lacked FOCUS.

But it also dawns on me that during this period I've concentrated consistent effort on improving my attitude, diet and fitness. A flip side that see's me with great relationships, living pretty much stress free, and therefore healthier and happier than ever before.

But my goal is to free Susanne from her job 🙂

Meaning I MUST kick my easy come easy go attitude to money and start to help more people (more I help more I earn).

So I'm modifying my daily habits to add a couple of mindset conditioning elements that will help me focus on helping more people.

So my typical day now looks like:-

Get up 5am sharp - Bathroom business

Exercise - Sprinting on the spot (weird I know but I love it) 20+ press-ups. If not feeling it I'll stop at this point, but usually I'll go on to do about 10 minutes more weights and stretches to finish. I 100% believe this has a placebo effect, and that I get way more benefit from what I realise is a tiny effort because of my attitude (I just BELIEVE that this ritual builds my wellness a little each day).

I then hydrate and listen to Earl Nightingales "The Strangest Secret" whilst reviewing my goal (I've even printed it out and carry it with me for consistent review during the day). This is one of my new mind conditioning habits I'm creating that I believe works.

As I listen I sit with a pad and paper in front of me as since doing this my idea creation has gone off the scale. So now I jot them down on paper so I don't loose them for review later (many I discard, but some I use).

Then it's off to work.

After work my second mind conditioning habit is meditation. This is brand new for me and so far feels like serious napping, but I'm determined to improve.

The video below is Dr Joe Dispenza who for me adds science to the 'you literally become what you think about' law...

Alternately I've been testing Tony Robbins priming meditation which is way faster...

I then have a clear hour for working on my business before going on to prepare our evening meal. 

As a minimum I want to complete one task daily that takes me towards my goal (freeing Susanne from work). After completing a number of  set-up  tasks most of my efforts are going to fall under traffic generation and prospect follow-up activities.

Daily Business Actions Menu

Business Objectives 

  1. Generate Traffic
  2. Build List
  3. Add Value
  4. Earn Money
  5. Scale


  1. Do at least one of the following...
    * Create 1 piece of content with clear intent
    * Post it (website, YouTube, Facebook other)
    * Broadcast to email subscribers
    * Write and post advert
    * Buy solo add or other paid media as prescribed
  2. Track everything. 
  3. Review and revise based on results, personal feedback, tracking and conversion stats.

So in summary outside of daily 'life' responsibilities I want to habitualise daily exercise, daily learning / inspiration (currently meditation), mindset conditioning and business development actions.

The simple idea is that the more I improve myself through learning and doing the better I can serve others.

So my business is to test drive popular worthy make money online systems and create case studies that people can follow if they're interested.

Check my case studies below...



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