​​​​Wealthy Affiliate Challenge

Affiliate Breakthrough

Climbing On The Shoulders
of GIANTS...

Here's the recipe I'd suggest.

1. Find a GREAT product to promote.

Software products are GREAT because people love software, tend to use it for years if it works, and therefore it builds us long term RECURRING INCOME.

Ideally the product / company offer a 'Value Ladder' of other products, training, and services that happy customers will buy because their initial experience is so good. These additional sales should pay us additional higher value commissions too.

The product must be proven to work and be in high demand.

2. Find or create a PROVEN marketing 'system' that will sell the product for you. 

This has to generate leads for you and provide a follow up sequence of valuable helpful content for people. Content that educates, inspires and motivates people to buy the product.

PROVE that it will work for them.

Provide great training, support and ideally user community.

Additional nice to haves would be consistent company content generation and live 'events' (physical and/or online) which affiliates can use in marketing.

Finding BOTH 1 & 2 is really hard 🙁

Presuming you do you then need...

3. A SIMPLE daily success routine.

Like your mum probably taught you to brush your teeth regularly and go easy on the sugar. An example of a simple routine for healthy teeth.

A success routine is a simple set of tasks that if consistently implemented MUST result in your success. Given you're promoting a great product through a proven system.

The purpose of your daily money routine is to generate leads by ATTRACTING people to look at your 'system'.

And to keep them 'engaged with the system through following up with them consistently.

Put another way...

"Your 'system' is the engine,  your daily routine the fuel"

If you want to travel further you'll need to keep you engine supplied with fuel - right

If you want to make more money you'll need to get more people to see your system and therefore make more sales earning you more commission - right?

The number one success criteria is the amount of LEADS you consistently generate.

This can be done through paid advertising or free techniques such as SEO (search engine optimization), or social media posting.

You have to measure the traffic you drive, the leads you generate, and the cost per lead (if using paid advertising)

Because it's proven that what we measure we can improve.

So you're daily tasks are going to boil down to a minimum of...

1. Advertising or doing some free promotion to attract people into your system.

2. Consistently broadcasting email messages to your leads to keep them engaged with the system (the content that is educating, inspiring and motivating a percentage of your leads to buy).

Promoting a proven product that offers recurring commissions as well as higher ticket upsells through a PROVEN system is how the super affiliates do it.

The Obvious Elephant In The Room

For most ordinary affiliates, myself included finding a PROVEN system that promotes a proven product is pretty hard to do...

Nearly impossible.

Took me years actually...

So it's no small thing when I ask you...

Would you like to see mine? 🙂