Use PPC combined with basic conversion tracking to ACCELERATE your business. It worked for me I see no reason why it won't work for you.


Approach every project as if failure is impossible - because you can't fail with a proven plan combined with self improving actions (track results, modify, improve, repeat till succeed).

ACCELERATOR #2 Pay Per Click Traffic

​Google and / or Bing PPC (Bing are easier to work with - both will start you off with free ad credits)

Keywords with a PRODUCT NAME in the search phrase convert best. Either the product you're
promoting or relevant alternatives so you can compare / combine / offer alternative.

Keyword phrases which are searching for a solution to a known to the prospect problem.

ACCELERATOR #3 Understand How To Track Results & Optimize (ads, content, call to actions etc)

You must track each traffic source separately, Google will convert differently to Bing even if all other variables are the same. You MUST know what's working and what isn't.

ACCELERATOR #4 Add More Value

Review, comparison. experience stories (yours or other people's) content that educates is helpful to people (read converts).

Content that shows people 'how to' is a step up.

Incentivizing people with bonuses works - with 'done for you' being perceived as highest value.

ACCELERATOR #5 Pick Better Affiliate Offers To Promote

Look for affiliate offers that are:

  • Currently selling well AND proven to work
  • Pay well with ideally higher value options in the funnel and / or recurring payment offers
  • Are evergreen in nature rather than 'launch then die' seasonal can work if your prepared for the off seasons.
  • The longer the cookie duration the better.
  • Offers from companies that will credit you with ALL sales to your referral of ANY of their product range.
  • Affiliate programs that collect email addresses and will follow up with your referrals maintaining your affiliate commission if the referral buys later.

AMPLIFY by capturing email addresses and following up 

Collecting leads and following up through emails that offer 'value' will improve your conversions and give you the option to build a long term relationship (hint). 

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