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Wealthy Affiliate 101

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training community / membership.

It's purpose is to teach people how to create their own successful websites in an way that both delights their human visitors AND rank on the first page of search engines (SEO).

IMPORTANTLY ​Wealthy Affiliate SEO training is 100% 'white hat'. Meaning Google friendly...

Wealthy Affiliate DOESN'T teach any back-link building strategies that will ever fall foul of Googles ever changing algorithms.​

This is important for the long-term profitability of your website / business.

​Wealthy Affiliate (WA) offers both a free and premium membership.

WA free membership includes 2 free WordPress websites and video training showing people how to build their base websites correctly.

There is no time restrictions for WA free membership. Meaning you can stay a free member forever if you wish.​

​The purpose of WA free membership is to allow people the opportunity to test their website / business ideas in a 100% free environment.

WA premium membership is aimed at free members who wish to invest in their knowledge and take their business to a higher level.​

WA is often referred to as Wealthy Affiliate University​ as the training is extensive covering everything you need to know about building WordPress websites and promoting them online.

The WA premium training is provided in text and video formats to suit most learning styles. Training is also in step by step sequence with action objectives to ensure success for those that simply follow the steps.​

However the WA steps are not rigid and the training encourages people to 'play to their strengths' as they discover areas they enjoy or excel at above others.

For those that are considering joining WA I would suggest reading our detailed Wealthy Affiliate review...​

And for those wondering if WA works check out the success thread here...​

The rest of this archive is dedicated to answering ANY questions you may have about WA and the WA community.

If you  have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate please ask in the comments below...

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